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    I have the SPATIAL theme and all the text blocks under my images are so narrow they only fit about 2 or 3 words per sentence. On the example page this is not the case (about 7 or 8 words per sentence).
    How do i change this?

    Also is it possible to take away the underline when scrolling the mouse over a title or the main title (my name)?

    Thanks so much,


    The blog I need help with is estherdegroot.nl.


    Hi Esther –

    When I look at the homepage at the portfolio section I see that the sentences are all 5 words across before a new line of text begins. Is this where you are seeing the issue?

    I noticed that you’re email address is listed on the site. I’d suggest that you set up a simple contact form instead of listing the email. Whenever someone uses that form it will come to your email, but they’ll never see the email address and it should greatly help with spam reduction.



    Hi Liz,

    Yes exactly (it looked more but it is indeed about 5 words). On my page it is mostly 3 which i don’t think looks so good. It looks like a different font too, i see now..

    Yes, you are right about the email address. I’m still trying out things, but did not think about spam (reduction). So thanks, i will have a look into a possible contact form!

    If you have any tips on how to adjust the number of words that fit one line that would be great :)


    Is your browser fully extended when only seeing those 3 words listed?

    – Which browser type and version number?
    – Take a screen shot and upload it to the site’s media library for us to look at.
    – Is this happening on a tablet or mobile view or computer?


    Good question, i’m not too technical but i’m using Firefox 71.0 on a Macbook (Mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.6)
    Is that of any help?


    It is helpful because I am seeing the 5 words displayed per line in Chrome on Mac. 71 is the current Firefox version released on December 3rd.

    Can you take a screen shot for us?

    Add it to your media library:


    Done! When making the screenshot i noticed that i wasn’t in the ‘full size’ frontpage.. The side bar was probably the main cause of only showing/fitting 3 words per sentence. (sorry, as i said i’m new to this)

    I still think the text blocks would look better a bit wider, if they would maybe only have 5 mm white around them (So closer to the width of the images above them).
    I guess if that would be possible it would also increase the amount of words per sentence after all ;)



    Thanks, that looks like it’s designed that way — it’s just giving you extra space around your text.

    You can reduce it though, if you’d like. Under Customize > CSS, try this. And you can adjust the sizes as needed:

    /* Reduce space around masonry text */
    .masonry .entry-body {
        padding-left: 10px;
        padding-right: 10px;
        padding-top: 10px;

    And to get rid of the underline on the site title hover, add this:

    /* Hide underline on hover for site title */
    .site-title a:hover {
        text-decoration: none;

    Thanks so much for your help!
    I’ve changed it and think it looks much better now :)


    One more thing… Could i also get rid of the underlined titles on the front page?
    Under the ‘featured’ images i think it is fine, but every title a bit unnecessary?

    Thanks again!



    Did you get rid of them yourself? :)

    I’m only seeing the underline when I hover over them.


    No sorry, i meant ‘when hovering over’ :)


    Try with this piece of code:

    /*Removes underline on hover for posts*/
    .home .entry-title a:hover {
        text-decoration: none;

    Also, remember that with your Premium plan you can reach support via Live Chat directly from https://wordpress.com/help/contact


    That works, thanks!

    I will use the chat next time, i did not know

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