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    How can I fix the text allignment on my pages ? On computer mode it all looks okay but on iphone the text and words are ‘broken’ and splitted in 2. I would prefer the words to stay compact and wordpress to put those words on the next line. Hope you understand what i mean, haha.
    I have the same problem with the blog widget on homepage. On computer its full width but on tablet its smaller.

    Ps, i have no updated plan yet because looking for hosting ways so no CSS…but not sure if thats neccesary?

    Kind regards

    The blog I need help with is hartvoorwijn.wordpress.com.



    HI there,

    I’m not sure I understand. Your site looks fine to me on both desktop and mobile, and I don’t see any alignment issues on mobile.

    Do you mean you don’t want words to be automatically hyphenated at the end of a line? The only way to prevent that is using custom CSS to override your theme’s default styling in this case. That would require our Premium Plan or higher.


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