Teen bloggers?!

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    This is to all the teen bloggers out there. The ones that keep all their feelings inside and let it out on their blogs! I’m totally new here and searching for some teen bloggers. Also need more followers because it feels like I’m writing this blog for myself. Blogs about High school , love , problems, choices, boys, friends,… If you own a teenblog, if you are a teenblogger. Drop your link here with a little information

    My blog is also a teenblog so if you’re interested just follow me , I try to post daily to keep you guys up to date about my life and all my problems, i may complain a little to much but hey i’m working on it :-)
    here’s the link to my blog : http://mystory2you.wordpress.com/


    The blog I need help with is mystory2you.wordpress.com.



    What is that all about, please tell me.



    As with any blog, be prepared to be writing to an audience of one (yourself) for a little while.

    As timethief pointed out via link, your best bet is to track down other bloggers in your niche and build relationships with them instead of simply broadcasting in general forums.

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