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    Definitely NOT a Talktalk problem for me as I am on Sky. Have tried different browsers (usually use Chrome but won’t work on Firefox or Explorer either) with no joy. Bizarrely, I can get connection on my netbook but not on my PC, which consistently just chucks me straight out of the admin page on a .org blog – but not on the .com ones that I use. This particular blog is used widely all over the world by thousands of people on many different browsers, networks etc – and most are fine with it. I appreciate this is a .com forum here, and I’m talking about .org, but is there a connection? The first bad experience I’ve had of WordPress in 4 years of using it daily and recommending it avidly to other people who have joined on my recommendation, so feeling nervous…


    I cannot access on any device ( of which I have 4 ) via Chrome , safari etc. I get a No data received message :-(



    me too – spent all morning with talktalk the problem only to be informed its not the router or the internet connection.
    Can access other websites but not the wordpress admin.
    Using Firefox but same problem with Chrome


    Looks like a widespread problem then :(


    I tweeted @TalkTalkCare too. They said they were looking into it but don’t have an update to give at the moment.



    When this has been going on for a whole day I find the complete lack of an official WP reply shocking to say the least.
    Another non TalkTalk user here.
    It’s all very well expecting TalkTalk to look into it but is anyone from WordPress doing that too?



    Thanks for everyone who has posted. We have seen some other threads but had not yet been able to pinpoint this as a Talk Talk issue.

    We will take another look on our end, but as others have already explained in this thread, it’s likely a repeat of what happened a few months ago, and if so, there’s little we can do other than encourage Talk Talk to update their records and unblock again.



    I have posted a sticky notice about this issue and will be updating this thread with any further information we receive.

    If anyone has additional information to share on this issue, please let us know.


    I am having the same problem, again. This happened earlier in the year and I kept receiving the “no data found” error page. It’s preventing me from doing any work on my blog at the moment and is really becoming a hindrance again.

    Has anyone found a way round this or had a reply from WordPress staff?



    jackiedana – it appears you are not listening to the customers. There are many people having this problem who are NOT on TalkTalk – there are two above on Sky and BT. This indicates that it is a WordPress issue. It needs repairing very quickly.



    Nothing has changed today- can see my site but when I log in get a ‘No data received error’

    After which I cannot reload the page until I clear the cache

    I am a talktalk customer but others above are not, so logically it must be a wordpress problem?


    Original poster

    One temporary solution I saw posted last time this happened, and one that seems to improve (but not totally fix by any means) things is to switch from using links to using links when visiting admin pages.

    My guess is that it helps skip over some of the blacklisted servers. If you can get into your dashboard ->user settings there is an option there called ‘Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages’ which you can tick as well.

    I still get the no data received error using https:// but subjectively it seems to happen less often.


    I had no luck tweeting TalkTalk , standard irrelevant responses .. useless as usual … fingers crossed they are vaguely concerned behind the scenes that there may a problem (even though I realise it may not just be them)



    – mylarx: thank you. tried the https thing from the menu bar and added it as a trusted site to my Norton but even then when accessing the dashboard it locked up before I could even tick the always use https :(

    -alessandra 1978: I’ve tweeted TalkTalk to no effect, spoken virtually to customer services. They now admit they know of the problem and given technical help line of 0870 0878777.


    Can’t access again today . I am a bit of a techno-idiot . Is there anything I can do ?



    TalkTalk have reports that it is NOT just them – other ISP providers are having same issues – so seems more like a WordPress problem


    I started a thread because I can’t see my blogs. I can see other people’s WP blogs and now the thread has been closed without me getting any help. I am getting the message”Internet Explorer cannot display website” both in IE and Firefox.

    I don’t believe it is a Talk Talk problem, but because they are my ISP it seems that WP have washed their hands of the problem. I need a resolution to this quickly please.



    Seems to me that WP and Talk Talk should be doing the talking to resolve this issue. We can report it, but WP must actively work with Talk Talk and other ISPs to bring about a resolution. Its not good enough to put the onus on individuals.


    Here! Here! pnoakes.


    I quite agree. It is frustrating, and bearing in mind two of my blogs are business related, I could well lost business as a result. This is not good enough.

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