Tags in Reader – Why is WP Adding Them?

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    I don’t choose to use tags. Not a one. I use categories. It works for me, my needs, my blog. I don’t care about google juice, about being indexed, about appearing in Freshly Pressed. I choose not to ever use tags.

    Yet, in the Reader, there is now a tag applied to each of my posts. (Yes, I follow my blog so I can see how my posts appear in the Reader.)

    I do not want those tags there. WP is, in effect, editing my post each time you use one of my categories as a tag. I do not even have categories show on my posts in my blog, I’ve deleted them through CSS.

    It is bad enough that the Reader is now horrific (yes, I know, lots of comments and complaints about that) but this is truly editing my content and intent.

    Is my only recourse to delete all categories from my posts to make this stop?

    The blog I need help with is sensuousinkspiller.com.



    My question is the same as the topic title, for similar reasons, and …

    Why the change from showing some of the tags at the top of the post to showing just one tag at the bottom?

    The displayed tag (gray; bottom left of Reader view) appears to be an automatic tag assignment; i.e., determined by an algorithm based on post content, not one that is taken from tags assigned by the post author. No?

    Whether taken from the author’s tags or automatic, I don’t like someone else putting an emphasis on my post that I did not choose.

    I am unhappy with the change. I would like to see it changed either back to the way it was, or just don’t show tags at all in Reader. Let readers find the ones that I wanted them to see, when they actually go to my blog.

    After all, is Reader there to present MY posts, or ones “edited” or “enhanced” by WP for its preferred notion of where readers should go next?

    Thanks for listening.



    Hello, WP?



    Your issue is not the same one. Use this link to create your own thread please https://en.forums.wordpress.com/forum/support#postform

    Please post a link to one of your posts that your refer to above. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you, timethief!

    A link won’t help since it isn’t about any of my posts, it is about how a tag is being added to my posts in the Reader. I don’t use tags. Not ever. The Reader shouldn’t be creating and adding one.

    The only way I’ve discovered to keep the Reader from editing my posts to include a tag, is to stop using Categories. I’m not liking this at all.



    We need to know which Postst of your has had a Tag added to it. We cannot do that until or unless you post a link to an example of one where that has happened. So please do that now.


    You need to be subscribed to my blog through the Reader to see the tag!

    It is ALL of them. ALL of my posts in the Reader, which goes back what? Two months? show a tag in the lower left corner. I have not added or chosen these tags, some programming notation of the Reader has put it there.

    Links to my posts aren’t going to help. One must subscribe to my blog and see it in the Reader.



    Categories show up in the Reader as “Tag.”

    “Tags” are not displayed in the Reader. When you go to the original Post the Categories & Tags are displayed with the different title.

    That based on looking at a few Posts in my reader. Is that what you are seeing?



    If you do not want any of your Posts to appear in the Reader so you do not get any traffic from other WordPress.com bloggers or from any search engines either then change your blog visibility to private. Choose option 3 here > Settings > Reading
    Site Visibility


    When I hover on that little “tag icon” in the lower left corner of any post by anyone I follow in the Reader, it shows a link for https://wordpress.com/tag/… (fill in the word) and if I click on that link, it shows me a page of posts all with that tag, and offers to “create a new post on your blog in this tag”. (WordPress choice of the word “Tag” not mine.)
    Yes, in my posts in the Reader, it is showing one of (the usually many) categories I have used in that post. How it chooses the one it uses, I don’t know. From looking at other blogs I follow, those who show categories on their posts, it is one of their categories.

    @timethief, I do appreciate your help, it isn’t about traffic or being invisible or private, but about WP determining how to weigh and classify my post in the Reader. (It is making me laugh that I specifically used Categories rather than Tags for this very reason, and now it seems I should convert them all to Tags, and this might just go away!)

    Thank you both!



    To search engines Categories and Tags are the same thing. Are you clear on that?


    Yes, thank you, I do know that.

    I (mistakenly!) thought they were different here (beyond categories can have hierarchy, tags can’t) and guess they really are the same thing here, too, even more so with the “related posts” and Reader changes.

    Once my head stops spinning, I’ll have to think this whole thing through.

    Do you have any idea how they choose which category is shown in the Reader, when there is more than one connected to a post?

    Again, thank you!



    I don’t know the answer to that. Judging from my own posts I think what’s being selected is the first Category that has been assigned in alphabetical order. I’ll tag this thread for a Staff response because I’d like to know that answer as well.



    All categories and tags (up to a total of 15 combined) will show up in the Reader. Even if you only use categories, they will show up as ‘tags’ there for simplicity’s sake.

    The tag that’s shown is the first alphabetically.


    Thank you!

    Only one category shows for my posts in the Reader, no others, and I always use more than one. (Note that I used CSS so that tags/categories don’t show on the posts in my blog, maybe that makes a difference.)

    It’s not the first, alphabetically. I just now added a new post, and looked at the Reader. I have twelve categories on this one (I was curious which it would be, and made sure to add them in order) and it is the tenth category, alphabetically.

    The post before this one, it was the second category, alphabetically.
    The one before that, it was the fourth category…



    I also find that the tag shown in Reader is not the first in alpha order from cats or tags I assigned to my posts.

    An aside, I suppose: It seems to like “Humor.” It picked that one five out of the five times I used it in recent posts. That’s funny.



    That could be my mistake. When I checked several blogs, it seemed to always choose the first in alphabetical order.

    The important point here is that regardless of which tag is displayed on the post, all of your tags and categories (assuming there are 15 or fewer) will be utilized when pulling content into the Reader.

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