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    Hi there,

    I have a tag cloud on my site with tags allocated to the various football teams that feature on my posts. There’s quite a lot now and I sort of want to keep them as it shows the diversity of content I have.

    The problem is a cosmetic one. Wit my theme widgets line up in threes and I have it placed it as my last widget. As there are a lot of tags, this creates a very long and very thin cloud which extends my footer and leaves a lot of empty space beside it.

    So my question is whether I can use the width of the page better for my tags by perhaps extending the width parameters using CSS maybe? Or open to any other suggestion that would help the look of this.



    The blog I need help with is beyondthelastman.com.



    You can work around that by having the tag cloud in a column by itself and the others balancing it out in the other two columns. That should work fairly well. You can also exclude tags from the tag cloud, although I can understand why you might not want to do that.

    Incidentally, that’s the best-looking site logo I think I’ve ever seen.


    Ah thanks about the logo.

    At the moment I do have the tag cloud in a column of its own as such. I have seven active widgets with the other six all being quite small in terms of the space they take up. They are split over two rows and my tag cloud is the seventh and sits on its own last in order – but of course still leaves a whole lot of empty space on its right-hand side.

    Is that what you meant?


    Chunk is a little different from most themes in that it aligns the widgets in the different rows at the tops. I’m not seeing anyway to override that behavior.


    What if you made just the clubs & countries widget full width and then rearranged the other widgets via the Appearance > Widgets so that one is displayed last?

    #widgets #wp_tag_cloud-2 {
    	width: 100%;

    Hi there,

    Thanks a lot for that, it does help things a lot. Your help is much appreciated.

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