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    when publishing new post using new version, drop down box for tags does not stay open for me to scroll and choose. I want to be able to choose from already create tags. This is why I always go back to old version.



    That’s a known issue with the new editor https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/editor-feedback?replies=749 but that issue does not exist in the classic editor.

    You cannot deactivate the new Beep Beep Boop editor but you do not have to use it. For locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and for viewing stats see here > Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface http://onecoolsite.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/navigating-the-classic-wordpress-com-interface/

    On the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New
    To create posts in the classic editor for you that link is


    On the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts one can hover over any post title and click the Edit link. and proceed with editing.




    You are using an old retired theme that is not responsive and the recommendation is to switch themes as retired themes do not support all wordpress.COM features.

    Themes are just “skins” on WordPress.COM hosted blogs. You can quickly and easily change themes on any WordPress.COM hosted blog to another one found here http://wordpress.com/themes/ and no data will be lost or negatively affected by the change. The only time you may have to do some work is if you are changing to a dramatically different theme and have done any CSS editing.

    Provided you are logged in as Admin under the same username account that registered the blog go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes, Browse themes until you find one you like and click the “activate” or the “preview” link, or type in the name of the theme you want to use when it appears.

    The theme customizer https://en.support.wordpress.com/customizer/ provides a preview function for exactly that purpose ie. so you can view what a theme will appear like prior to changing one.

    Note that every theme will have a detailed theme description page with set-up instructions and a live demo site page that you can consult. Here’s an example:

    Why don’t you try previewing one of these themes?
    93 Two Columns + Responsive Layout WordPress Themes



    thanks. I do use the classic version but am just worried that it will disappear. I will also check out new themes. cheers!



    I hear you and I hope it will not disappear until the new editor has every feature that the classic editor has. Have fun browsing themes.

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