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    I am using Table of Content+ plugin on my newly created website which is about deezer++. The problem is that it is also appearing on homepage. How can I make it disable on Homepage. I just wanted to show this on my posts.

    Secondly, how can I show different sidebar in different pages?



    Hi there,

    What is your site’s URL? Using plugins on requires our business plan, and you don’t own any upgrades with us, so it sounds like you’re using the open source software at another hosting provider.

    In that case, please contact support for the plugin you’re using directly for help with this.

    For general help with the version of WordPress you’re using, you can ask the community over at



    Thanks for the reply. I contacted plugin support team, and this issue is resolved. They have said that just use [no_toc] in the page on which you want to disable the table.

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