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    Ah I think I get it. So you switch to Classic to do some editing — and then you can’t switch back to block when you need to.

    I’m not sure why that’s happening, so we’ll dig into it for you. Thanks for that feedback.

    And, if you don’t mind sharing more, I know that our developers would love to iron out the Block experience. Can you let us know what issues you’re running into that make Classic easier for you?



    Just noting I’ve filed a report for the first issue. If you’ll tell us more about what you prefer about classic, or what you’re running into in Blocks that makes you prefer Classic, we’ll note that as well.



    Hi, in a nutshell, the Classic editor has much more robust list of options available for text editing than Blocks. Classic feels like a fullY functional word processor while Blocks feels like a tablet/phone text editor that either doesn’t have the same features or makes you go through multiple menus/dropdowns to get what you need.

    I do appreciate the ‘feel’ of Blocks at times – having one Block for a specific purpose at at time can streamline and focus what I accomplish as I write and put together a post. Apart from this intangible, the only thing I like better about Blocks is the large ‘Drop Cap’ it’ll put at the start of text blocks, and that’s it.

    For me, my posts are very image heavy and the images are integral to what I’m posting about. I strictly use all my own images or scans that I’ve done and edited personally and I make them specifically to support what the text is saying. For example, when I review ‘how to’ books that are part of my hobby I support my written pros and cons with scanned images as examples.

    Classic is much more flexible and consistent when I tell it to put an image in a place and wrap text around it. Blocks has a mind of its own and, for the most part, I end up putting the images in the best place as defined by Blocks instead of where I’d ideally like to place them.

    For example, I do a featured image for the header of a post but also need to do a smaller featured image as the left side of the first paragraph so the image appears in things like RSS previews etc. This is almost impossible to do properly with Blocks but easy in Classic.

    That’s my input. Let me know if you need any clarification,



    Thanks for clarifying, we’re looking into this!



    No please, don’t retire the Classic editor!
    It is much easier to work with it than with the Block which
    – has way too many options, one needs to go through a lot of toggling etc,
    – kind of automatic sometimes, takes control of how and where things appear, instead of leaving that to the user. This disrupts the creation process.




    Unfortunately whether or not the classic editor stays is not up to us.

    The block editor was built by the open source WordPress project on WordPress.org – that’s where the WordPress software we use on WordPress.com is made. It’s also that community that maintains the classic editor plugin, that still makes the classic editor available.

    They’re unlikely to continue maintaining the plugin indefinitely as more people switch over to the block editor and as themes and plugins get updated to support it. But when it does become time for it to be retired we’ll make sure to communicate that well in advance here on WordPress.com.



    Thank you – not happy to hear this.

    If that happens, I’ll probably find another platform, after long years on WordPress.

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