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    How can I switch back from classic editor to the block editor?


    Hi there!

    To switch to the classic editor, click on the ‘. . .’ settings icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen.

    Then, click on Switch to Classic Editor.


    Hey there,

    1. I tried to do the same, but there is no such option in my menu.
    2. I tried to open site by /wp-admin/ – but there is no such options in there neither.

    Any advice?



    Hi krzysztofkostka – Can you tell me which site you’re working on? I can’t make it out in the browser bar of that screen shot.




    Thanks. You should be all set to use the classic editor once again. I’ve changed it on the back end of the site.

    If you do not see that option, try signing out and back in to the account.


    Yey! Thanks alot 💪


    The issue is back.

    After some time, the block editor is again the only option available and i cannot use menu to switch to classic.

    Can someone help me with that?



    @krzysztofkostka done; are you inadvertently switching over to block?

    Noting too, at some point the classic editor may be retired, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get to know the block editor, even if you’re using it for another site.


    Add your text here

    Thank You for help.

    No. The blog was not in use in couple days, it’s switch by itself. The friend of mine who advise me to create an account here, still can switch between both editors in his account. Why I don’t have this option?

    About block editor… To be honest, maybe block editor is better for webmasters, modern content with huge amount of images, videos and interactive things but for words it’s not. It’s not looking better, it’s harder to control, and the result it’s not better for end user to read.

    The time You decide to remove classic editor will probably force me and people like me to look for other place where this option will be available.



    Why I don’t have this option?

    It’s likely because your account is newer than your friend’s. If your account was created well after the block editor was released, we don’t show both options.

    If you can provide more specific feedback about what’s giving you trouble with writing words at this point, we’ll get it in front of the right eyes.

    If you’re just writing text, one easy hack is to switch to Code Editor and just type there. You can switch to visual to add any extra formatting. I hope this helps.



    Hello, I’ve got the same issue as the OP. I’m using the “Collective” theme.

    I can easily switch to “Classic” editor in order to do things like create coloured text (which Block editor won’t do – seems like a basic function!)

    I can’t, however, switch back to “Block” editor from “Classic”. After exploring everywhere (in the … link etc. etc. etc.) there doesn’t seem to be a “Switch to Block Editor” option when I’m in classic, and the post is stuck in “Classic”.

    Could WordPress please add this option to the “Collective” theme please?



    Good Morning onseanstable –

    I’m happy to take a closer look at this. What site are you working on? Share the URL here.



    Hello, I’m working on the website:


    Adding a toggle back to Block editor from Classic would be really helpful. And if I could give a suggestion, having the same text options available in the Block editor as the Classic editor would be fantastic. Then I wouldn’t have to switch back and forth to do things like colour text.




    I’m working on http://www.OnSeansTable.com

    It needs a way to toggle back to Block editor from Classic.



    Thanks Sean. Looks like you’re currently in the classic editor view. On the right hand side of the editor, when you have a post or page open, you should see a button option (bottom right corner) to go back to the block editor. Let me know if it’s not there.




    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That option “Try New Block” editor is not there for me. It does not show up as it does in the example you just posted.

    I logged out and in again, still not there.

    Thanks again,


    Thanks Sean. I thought that might be the case. Do you see ... in the upper right corner of the post or page editor screen? If you click on that, then at the very bottom there will be an option to switch editors. Let me know!



    Thanks Liz. I just logged in on a new machine and, yes, there did appear an option to switch from the Classic editor to the Block editor. So I’m no longer stuck in the classic mode.

    If I then switch back to Classic mode, however, the option to then go back to Block editing no longer appears at the bottom of that right hand column/in the bottom right hand corner.

    I guess I’m trying to do something that WordPress is trying to eliminate or mothball. I just find that the Classic editor is so much easier when it comes to some editing and formatting features. I’m not up for using HTML directly, but find the Block editing options too simplistic at times to make things look the way I want them to.

    Thanks for your time,

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