adsense on my blog with out my knowledge

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    Text link advertising does interrupt the viewing pleasure, as it has annoying little boxes that pop up when you pass your mouse over them.
    I do oppose having advertising forced on your personal piece of cyber space. If some people want ads, great, let them have the ads. But for the people who don’t want them, then their choice needs to be respected.



    Suddenly using copyrighted material (blog contents) as advertising tools does require at least a specific notification, not a general TOS blurb. This is an issue, and yes, I’ll be taking my blog off WordPress if I find out this has been happening to my blog.


    because, you know, other free hosting providers haven’t been doing this for years. Terms of Service are the only legally binding notification method. anything else would be less.



    If you’re wondering ‘how low can they go’ or ‘where will it end’ then check this thread out and get ready to see red [she said holding her nose]


    keep in mind, matt’s not subjecting us to ads, nor is he subjecting logged in users, visitors from linking blogs, or visitors from RSS to them. just google visitors.

    shady that it’s not opt-in? maybe.
    but keep in mind, it’s a test.



    If they’d asked for testers on the news blog I’m pretty sure they’d have got them. All I can think of is that it isn’t technically possible to specify which blogs they want displaying the ads right now.

    If logged-in users aren’t seeing them, isn’t that worse? It means visitors might be seeing ads on blogs and the owners know nothing about it.



    Folks, go read Matt’s post. He says it’s a test and nothing more currently.



    Read. Doesn’t change my mind one bit. Like several people here have said, I’m sure if they asked they’d have gotten volunteers. But they didn’t; they said, our TOS don’t rule this out, so we have permission. Not really. Not in the opinions of the bloggers here.

    All they had to do was ask for volunteers to test it. We know that there are revenue streams for WordPress itself still being developed, but why disallow individual bloggers to put ads on their sites while allowing WordPress some revenue? Some people have been BEGGING to put ads on their sites; I, personally, made the decision to use WordPress (and before them Diary-x) specifically in part because of the lack of advertising.

    Opt-in. It’s not really so hard.



    @raincoaster – Ahem. Thank goodness the testing is over tomorrow. Has everyone noticed that none of the subset “blessed” ^^ with advertising (except linux) have said a single word about it on the forum? I wonder why.



    To be read with a bit of tongue in cheek.

    Before anyone gets huffy and runs off to blogger (as if!) can we all just wait and see what Matt’s intentions are?

    All we know so far is that adsense has been tested on a limited number of blogs and only Linuxunix has actually picked up on it.

    Rather than blow it all out of proportion (like with the other thread), be patient and see how it pans out.

    If you don’t like the end result of the testing and the eventual announcements, then throw your toys out of the pram and run to MySpace.

    Raincoaster this might sound like I am singling you out, in a way I am, I just want everybody to calm down for a bit and see what happens.

    For the record – if advertising were forced onto blogs I would probably walk too. To be honest though, I really can’t see that happening.




    Isn’t it better to voice one’s opinions during the test, rather than after? God knows I’m not running off to Blogger, but the whole blowup could have been prevented in the first place by just asking for volunteers.

    This is information WordPress should have, because they can prevent blowups the next time with a little prep work. Because it took quite awhile before the information this had not been happening to every blog actually surfaced.



    I’m with drmike, tt, vp and evryone else who objects to having ads of any kind on their blog. Even if they are google referrers. I don’t want ads appearing on my blog. And I’d rather pay to keep the detestable things off.



    Oh, I don’t mind adverts on my blog. I just really really hate the in line text ones that were mentioned. I feel that they’re more of trying to trick the visitor as you don’t know if they’re adverts or links placed in there by the writer.



    i want to know what is the formalities for giving our blog to google.
    Thank you.



    giving our blog to google

    I’m sorry to say but i don’t have a clue as to what you are asking.



    The link seems to be mischievious and trying to capture user attention on a advertising site. is not equal to right?



    sudhakar – you’re quite correct. they are two completely different sites. The “wordrepss” one takes advantage of the possible mis-spelling of a domain name and put advertising on.

    I very much doubt that the mis-spelled site is anything to do with


    nonetheless, it’s simply a typo by the original poster. the ads appeared on



    I’ll go fix it. Linuxunix is a semi regular around here anyway.



    I’ve posted a total of once on my WordPress blog using the Hemingway template. Whie doing a vanity search using, I was surprised that my blog showed up as the third result. I clicked over and was more surprised to see two Google Ads on my blog post. And they were placed UNDERNEATH my heading and BEFORE my writing!

    I specifically signed with WordPress to avoid the clutter – most of it self-imposed – that was overtaking my Blogger blog ( Let’s get one thing straight. I want to be the sole beneficialry of my own creativity. I never agreed to this. This wasn’t outlined clearly anywhere during my sign up process whcih occurred in September.

    I do wonder this: Do the two, 2!, Google Ads, which appear so obtrusively on the blog, help affect a high search result on Google, since I have one 1! post at written January 8, 2007.


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