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    Hi all

    I’m not sure if anyone can help me. I am using the WP all Import plugin and need support getting images mapped to specific products for my e-commerce store.

    Unfortunately, the image URL’s are not on my CSV file and I have a lot of images to map to different variable products. I have all the image URL’s separate to the main CSV file (as you can see from this screenshot, I’ve pasted the external URL’s in the box which WP All Import is picking up, thankfully.

    What I need to do is get WP All Import to use specific terms in my image URL’s – in this case, the colour, which is two letters, and the product name, as you can see circled in this screenshot. I then need WP All Import to map the images correctly so that product ‘x’ which is red, has a red image.

    Is there a specific php/function/code/plugin I can use to achieve this (see image here)? Please help.

    Many thanks,




    Hi there,

    Please contact WooCommerce support directly for help with their plugin. The forum you’re posting in now is for the hosting provider,, and we can only help with sites that are hosted on our servers.

    If you’re using the free version of WooCommerce you can post in their community forum, here:

    Or if you’re using any premium or payment gateway add-on downloaded from you can reach live chat and email support here:

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