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    I have two questions as to customization for Sunspot and if can be coded as add on in the CSS.

    1. The post content can be single column or two columns. I have the two columns in which I feature images and text. The two columns set the posts in cropped style. If one post is text and the next one beside it is an image, then this leaves a wide space between the rows of posts in the two columns. Is there a way to change this by code to set the posts in masonry style to where the uneven posts juxtapose?

    2. I have looked to see if there is infinite scroll with Sunspot installed, have not seen this feature or if this is an option. Is there a code to where posts can be on infinite scroll?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    For #1, I checked and I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Could you point out a very specific example?


    2. I have looked to see if there is infinite scroll with Sunspot installed, have not seen this feature or if this is an option. Is there a code to where posts can be on infinite scroll?

    Each theme needs to be converted for infinite scroll by the theme team. I’ll check up on the status of Sunspot and get back to you.



    The posts are in two columns. Two posts per row. If two posts in a row, one in each column, are different in lengths, it leaves a gap with the shorter post. Each row is lined up with posts 1. and 2. If you look at my blog now, you will see in row two the (1) post Mellifluous Flow and A Rock, a text post without image. Next is the (2) post Into The Creek Pathway that is an image post with text. Notice the gap or space beneath the post 1 in the second row before the third row. This is how the alignment is set up for Sunspot that is usually called “cropped style.”

    In the “masonry style”, the uneven posts are not aligned in rows. The posts juxtapose in their columns leaving no wide spaces between posts. It is like building a stone wall with various sizes of stones all juxtaposing together.

    I have two digital art websites that is in “masonry style”. With the masonry style, there is an option for text below or not— in which is rollover to view full post by clicking the image. View my website and you will see what it looks like: Wonderland Wanderer Digital Art



    Thanks for checking on the infinite scroll for Sunspot. :)


    Thanks for the explanation, I can’t unsee it now! Here is a screenshot to illustrate:

    I was thinking I’d try to see if a CSS only change would help, but , I can’t see a way to make those kinds of gaps smaller because of the way the theme code is setup. themes are established and in use by a lot of people, so we don’t make major structural changes to them unless it’s to fix a bug or add a new feature like threaded comments (when those were new) and infinite scroll. Adding masonry would be a big change and would require an overhaul of the underlying theme code. It’s something you could do with Sunspot if you switched to because with that type of setup you get full control to maintain the code yourself. does have a few themes that use masonry in case you’d like to look into those—the two most popular that come to mind are Imbalance 2 and Triton Lite.

    I heard back about adding infinite scroll to Sunspot, which is a new feature and something we’re adding to all themes, and the theme team said they have it on their list to review in May.



    Okay, I understand. I prefer the Sunspot theme as well as staying with, and so the gaps will not be a problem for me. That will be nice for the infinite scroll as a new feature in the near future. Thank you for your help!



    I think the ‘space’ in question can be sorted out by balancing the excerpts content and properly using the number of tag and category that you use.

    Bests | G



    We don’t assign categories or tag posts to post based on lengthening posts for appearance sake. Keywords are single words or 2 – 3 word phrases. What critical is understanding that less is more when assigning categories and tags and understanding that relevance ought to be the focus. If we go off the rails on either of those search engine tuck our indexed content away where the sun don’t shine as well they should.

    The rule of thumb is to assign no more than the least number of keyword categories and tags that accurately describe the contents.

    Here are the reasons for non-appearance on the Topics ie. categories and tags pages

    For tips on tagging see >




    Today we added Infinite Scroll support for the double column layout in Sunspot (single column had it all along).

    Have a great week!


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