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    So I wouldn’t wonder if it would have been my first blog post but it isn’t: Usually I get always views if I upload a new post and at least 5-10 likes. But now it happened for the second time that a post gets no reaction on the first day. This seems strange to me. It isn’t much different than the other ones and I tagged it and everything. Is it possible that it doesn’t show up in the feeds? What is going on here?


    The blog I need help with is



    Would you mind telling us what post you are referring to specifically?





    The combined total of categories and tags on any post must not exceed 15 or it will not display on Categories and Tags pages and in the WordPress.COM Reader.

    As you have assigned a combined total that exceeds 15 relevant Categories/Tags to your posts, you need to edit and delete. After removal of the excess categories and/or tags note it may take several days for your posts to begin displaying there and in the Reader.

    Also, note that posts do not display in the Reader forever. Posts only display in the WordPress.COM Reader for 60 days.


    Well that’s good to know, thank you. Would be good if this information would be noted somewhere. I never would have known. But again thanks.



    This is in the support docs. All reasons for non-appearance of posts on Topics pages and in the Reader can be found here >

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