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    Hi, I’ve had a story-blog here for over a year now, and my readers notified me that there was a sudden change in presence and placement of ads. I have a free site, there are going to be ads to support it, I’m well aware and fine with that.

    The issue is that, until very recently, ads only appeared at the top and bottom of posts, in the header and sidebar. Now they’re injecting, sometimes multiple times per screen between paragraphs, such as in the screenshot here. Mobile readers particularly say they’re having problems even scrolling through a chapter.

    Has there been a recent change or something which has suddenly made ads much more aggressive? If my readers notice it enough to complain, they notice it enough to leave, and that’s not what anybody wants, I’m sure.

    I really hope this is just an experiment and not a sign of things to come.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    We do not show ads inside a post’s content, only at the very bottom of a post, right above the sharing buttons and comments section.

    Can you please give a link to the specific post where you took that screen shot?



    Certainly, and thanks for the quick reply.

    The screenshot was taken from this post.



    Thanks for the link.

    I don’t see ads like that at all on that post, on either desktop or mobile.

    Did you take that screen shot yourself? Using which browser and device? Can you also please check with the visitors seeing those which browsers and devices they’re using?

    Then also please check if the ads still appear if using a different browser, Chrome in incognito mode, or even a completely different device.



    I did take the capture myself, using chrome on a chromebook.

    I tried it on a mac, and got the ads on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, though had to disable adblock to see them on Chrome. Incognito oh both computers also shows the ads, as the adblock is suppressed on incognito mode.

    Also checked on iPhone and saw the ads as well.

    In summary, I’m seeing it on all browsers and platforms unless adblock is on. I can confer with my readers and see if their experiences are the same, but it seems fairly universal to me.

    One thing I am not able to check is whether being logged in affects the appearance of the ads or not, as when I log in, it’s my site and I get notice that “your viewers may see ads here…” instead. All of my tests thus far have thus been as anonymous. Could you check the site with adblock off and not-logged-in to confirm?



    Polled a couple of my readers. Both of them are seeing ads in between paragraphs when reading on chrome on mobile.



    Hey there, just adding that while I wasn’t logged in, I scrolled through a couple of posts on your site on my Android in Chrome and only saw the usual ad placement at the bottom of the posts.

    However, in Chrome on my PC, again while not logged in, I got multiple ads between paragraphs, the “window shade” ad AND the ad at the bottom of the post. (temp screenshots)



    I checked your site in multiple browsers, both on a Mac and on my phone, logged in and logged out, and I don’t see those ads. I don’t use an ad blocker, as it would be quite impossible to troubleshoot issues with ads on people’s sites if I did :)

    I’m reporting this to our ads team to look into. I’ll let you know what they say.

    Thanks for checking, @justjennifer, and for the screen shots.



    I’ve heard back from our ads team, and it appears these ads are intentional, and a new ad unit we’re rolling out on free and WordAds sites.



    I see. Thanks for following up, I appreciate it.

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