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    I have a couple questions about the Stow theme and was hoping you guys could help me?

    1. Does it allow you to change the post count that is displayed on each page? (Like “three posts per page” kind of thing.)

    2. Does it allow you to change the settings to only showing the excerpt of a post instead of the whole thing?

    The blog I need help with is




    1. With infinite scroll disabled you may set the number of posts displayed per page at My Site(s) > Settings > Writing > Content types. The number can be changed by simply clicking on the up/down arrows. When you’ve reached the desired number, save the change. See the Content Types section of the Writing Settings support page for relevant instructions and illustration.

    Note that this setting not only affects the blog page, but also all archives pages such as year, month, and date archives, category and tag archives, author archives, etc.

    2. The Stow theme doesn’t offer that feature in Customize. An alternative is to insert a More Block in each post that you want to appear truncated on the blog page.

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