Stop trying to rush me into signing with you. Please, slow down!

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    First, correct the incorrect site name you posted. Why can’t I do that?
    Second, I signed up to pay for setting up a site with you, yet you keep hammering me with reasons to up grade, as if you didn’t read my preference?
    I am still shopping for a sane, sensible blog platform. So far, I’ve not been impressed by your performance, although I like some of your ideas. So, please impress me? I don’t even know the language yet.



    Hi there, I’m not sure I understood which incorrect site name has been posted. Can you give more details?

    If you wish, you can unsubscribe from the marketing emails or update your preferences by clicking the link to do so at the bottom of each email. If you did that, it may take a little bit for the system to catch up to the change.

    If you are just getting started here (welcome!) you’ll find the tutorial at a good way to get grounded in working with your site.

    Post back here if you have any other question.

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    Hi there!

    To add to what @justjennifer wrote above, I can see that you have registered the domain and your site’s address is – is this the one you wanted to correct?
    Bear in mind that the custom domain ( is hiding the other address so nobody but you can see it. If you would like to change it, you can do so as explained here:

    Also, remember that with your plan you can now access support directly via

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