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    Hi there,

    Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong location but I would like some advice about what to do regarding a hosted blog that has stolen some of my content.

    The blog post in question:

    My original post:

    As you can see just from the url, my post is 15 months older than the one hosted on Looking at both posts, you can see that my content has be lifted literally word for word, including images, links to download files and viewing the tutorial example – these actually link to the ones on my site.

    I can’t find any contact details on the blog to contact the blog owner directly so unfortunately my only contact has been by making a comment to the post which from my last check was still awaiting moderation – far from ideal.

    As this is a hosted blog I was hoping that you has a little more power/control over this person’s blog. Ideally I would like my post removed but I would be happy if the blog owner rewrote the post explaining why he found my post/code useful and making clear reference to my original post.

    As a side note, looking at a few other posts on prakashmca007’s site, it looks like this content as been scrapped also.

    Thanks for any help and advice you can offer me regarding this issue. As you can imagine I was a little upset at finding one of my posts so blatantly copied and would like to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advice,



    You did not specify a blog address or reason for posting when you created this topic.

    This support forum is for blogs hosted at If your question is about a self-hosted WordPress blog then you’ll find help at the forums.

    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

    If you forgot to include a link to your blog, you can reply and include it below. It’ll help people to answer your question.

    This is an automated message.



    Hello there,
    Please see here >
    You may submit a formal DMCA notice at the following address by following the instructions at the following URL >



    Thanks for the reply. I’ve submitted my case the the DMCA link you provided. Thanks for all your help. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, fingers crossed!




    You’re welcome and best wishes to you.



    Moved to support forum.

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