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    I see there are two existing threads concerning the very recent removal of this feature, which many people seem to use and love:

    I want to see this feature restored, and would like to see a sticky where people can give feedback on its removal.

    For those not yet familiar with the issue, previously, there were 3 elements to a link:

    1. The blog post text
    2. The link hover text or Title (what the reader sees when they hover over the link)
    3. The destination URL

    Hypothetical example:

    I recently read an *amazing article about flowers*. [link]

    “amazing article about flowers” would be the blog post text, – The History of Roses could be the hover text, and could be the destination URL. These are 3 separate elements, allowing maximum freedom in how to structure your links.

    However, with the recent removal of the hover text feature from the visual editor, there is no longer independent hover text. Instead, in the link box, whatever you fill in for the text will change the blog text and there will be no hover text. Only the destination URL will be shown.

    This is a problem because it forces people to work differently, limiting their options, and there doesn’t appear to have been much discussion on that users were aware of.

    Yes, there’s a workaround using manual coding, but as has become so typical when features are removed, the workarounds force you to stop writing and scratch your head about how to get something done that used to be a doddle. Our chocolate ration has once again been increased from eighty grams to fifty. ;-)

    Stealth feature removal makes the natives very restless (or so the drums signify). Not even a chirpy announcement telling us how much better our lives will be now that this popular feature has been removed! Are the “Happiness Engineers” (another nod to George Orwell) staging a wildcat strike?

    It’s been suggested that this feature removal was the result of a democratic process — that some people somewhere voted on it. If so, could you kindly tell us the tally of votes, the yeas and nays for removing this feature? If the process was democratic, then surely we may know the tally.

    It’s also been suggested that the link hover text was an “accessibility” feature, implying that it was only of value to readers with disabilities. In truth, many bloggers who use and love this feature feel it provides a better user experience for everyone. This is especially true when the destination URL is long, nondescript or cryptic, or is an archived page from the Wayback Machine. Example:

    The writer makes extensive use of third-party technique (more here).

    1. Blog text: here
    2. Hover text: – Eastern Oregon University – Third-Party Technique
    3. Destination URL:

    This shows the value of the hover text in helping the reader know what he or she is clicking on, without cluttering up the main article or breaking the flow.

    If you find this feature immensely helpful and want to see it restored to the visual editor, please speak up.

    One more point: It’s been suggested that the flexibility of having both link text and hover text was confusing to some bloggers. But since there are now two editors, why not keep the “advanced” feature of hover text in the “advanced” (old) visual editor, and only remove it from the “simple” (new) editor? This would presumably remove the confusion factor for newbies, while allowing more experienced users to work the way they like and are accustomed. Thanks for listening (we hope).

    The blog I need help with is




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