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    I have a static front page, with posts assigned to Posts page. Given that set-up, is it possible to stick a post to the front page? I selected “stick to front page” and it doesn’t show up. So is there something else I need to do, or does the “static front page” over-ride my “stick to front page”?



    No, it’s not.

    There’s a typo in the FAQ on the sticky. A static page is, by definition, ALWAYS sticky. It does not move; therefore, making it sticky is redundant.

    What the Sticky feature does is take a blog POST and put it at the very top of the blog page, the part of your blog where all the posts pop up. If you’ve set a static page as your entry page, the sticky post will still not appear there.

    Does that clarify?


    Hmmm. I’m not sure. How do I stick a post to my static front page?


    Ohhh!! Now I get it. Thanks!


    I’m usually very patient and try things out in different ways before complaining, but i’ve just upgraded/renewed and i do regret it! When i thought to move back to Blogspot! i thought that i’ve done a silly thing to upgrade..why did i do it!!

    I want to stick an old post to the front, like i’ve done about 3 times before, but with the new changes, the “stick to the front page” DISAPPEARS the minute when my post is ready to be edited!!! It drives me crazy as i have tons of things to do and i spent an hour to sort this out..even restarted my pc TWICE…i’m really angry as i sit here…

    why are there always tons of problems with WP as soon as there is a change! I was happy at blogspot and moved my blog due to blogger friends demanded it as they THOUGT they were having problems with leaving messages…some of them have even started blogs at blogspot and here i am…daft lady..still at WP and even renewed my subsrciption like 10 min ago!!

    ALSO…i can’t get my Powerpoint presentation in my post…only the file name appears, NO link… the same with my PDF-file..only file name…NO link!! WHY!!

    please, WP… help me,,, it’s going to be a very very very LONG year with me if i’m not going to have these sorted… i’ve paid you now £14…£13.93 to be exact… i hope you understand my frustration…




    Make sure you click the File URL button before you click Insert into Post or else a link is net set. Once you do this, your choice will be remembered for the next insert.


    hi mtdewvirus
    I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about if you say “file url”… i know what a url is though! Previously, i clicked “edit” and then once i could edit it, i had the option to “stick to front page”…if i do the same now, the option appears, but once the post has loaded completely to be “edited”…the option suddenly disappears and in that little “corner” you have only the option to delete..etc the post..
    thanks for trying to help, i’ve tried to figure out what you mean by “click the file url button”…where is that “button”? if you could give more details, please, thanks!



    I was referring to inserting PDFs and files.



    When you say you’ve paid a subscription, I’m not sure what you mean. is free. The only things you pay for are upgrades for particular services.

    Are you trying to post from the QuickPress feature on your dashboard or the main post-writing page (accessed by clicking New Post in the top right of your dashboard)? The QuickPress editor only has a basic selection of features.



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