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    I prefer the old format stats page and have been accessing it at the URL given to me by a WordPress helper until today when it seems no longer available. Can I still get my stats in the old format?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am not happy with the change in the stats page, either. The new page is not at all easy to use, and is cluttered with information I don’t need (the map) and can’t find a way to get rid of.

    I’ve tried every way I know, including bookmarks, to get back to the old, useful stats page, and can’t.

    I hope you haven’t “streamlined” stats in the same way you’ve destroyed the reader by cropping photos to death.


    also look here ->
    and theres another thread for the topic around




    WP can you stop harassing us?
    Bring the old stats page back, you brought us enough trouble changing the Reader.
    We want to blog, not commenting all day in the forum, complaining to people who don’t respect us.

    @themondaybox and @shoreacres
    There’s another thread about the new nightmare here:



    I want the old stats page back!!!!



    Dear WP, congrats! Now please the evasive answers (as usual)



    I don’t care about the page format but I really, really, really need the old table you used to get when you clicked “summary’ next to the graph on the old stats page. It gave you the monthly total and average for every month going back to when you started the blog. For example, I could compare this December to last December and the one before back to 2011. Please tell me where I can find this on the new stats layout. I REALLY need it!!! Even if it’s just to get the data out and make my own table. Some warning that this was going to happen might have been useful! Not happy.



    @inthebackofthenet, Yes! The summary table was probably the most useful thing for me on the stats page, and now it’s gone.



    The new format doesn’t show anything on my Samsung Galaxy S3. It used to show some unreadable data when I’d click on the Have You Tried the New Stats Page button every few months. Now, nothing.

    I appreciate WP overall, but this format is worthless (phone) to worse (computer). I too miss the summary page. I seem to remember from a while ago that there might still be a shortcut to it. Is that true?



    You can still get to a summary page, as noted in this blog post:

    Your summary page is at http://%5Byour domain]/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stats&view=table



    Thanks! I’ve screen grabbed mine in case they ditch that page too – probably just a matter of time…


    How can I check the most popular posts from yesterday at the new stats page?


    And also – I can i check the post popular posts since the start of my blog?



    Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback here. The more specific feedback is especially helpful.

    @yoursumbuddy (hah, clever name!) can you possibly get a screenshot of what you’re getting on your S3?

    @zdalaopolityki, you can see your most popular posts for the year here:



    But I used to be able to click on ANY post listed in the Posts and Pages module of my regular old stats page, and see a LIFETIME graph of views for that post!

    The link you give above goes to a front page of nothing much, that then I have to click on one of my listed blogsites (there’s only one that I really ever use), to go a page that shows this YEAR’s accumulated stats. It still doesnt allow me to see a lifetime graph of any of my posts (lifetime = however many years that post has been up).

    My blog’s old posts are just as important as its newer ones, it’s an educational and how-to blog. I will really miss being able to look at the lifetime trajectory of particular posts to see which ones are doing well or losing ground, need to be redone, or have more links pointing to them etc.



    What I don’t understand, is why fix something that isn’t broken?! The specifics actually are not any more important than the general consensus that the changes have removed important data that bloggers depended on for their businesses. Was anyone who uses the stats asked if it needed changing? I know WordPress analytics were not the industry standard and have been using Google Analytics ever since switching to self-hosted a year ago. However, the old stats gave such clear and easy accesses to so much important information and not everyone is self-hosted. Please give back access to the old information in the old format.



    @supernovia I, along with many others, value being able to compare the months, etc using a table. The graphs actually make the stats more difficult to look at in some ways.

    I also value being able to look at how past posts are doing – like many other people my old posts still retain value and some are amongst my most visited. Restricting what data we can get on that and how we can get it is both frustrating and unhelpful.

    Changing those two things would be a positive step forward.
    As would explaining the thinking behind restricting this data. I think that at least some of the frustration that this is generating is due to the lack of explanation of why WordPress has chosen to do this?

    Thank you.



    For the love of god, stop trying to justify your jobs!

    Just about everyone used the old stat page and the work around to get to it, then you decide, once again, “Fuck you! I made something so USE IT!”



    Ditto the old stats page is far better. See the long conversation here:



    @ supernovia, I took a screenshot. Where to post it?

    The description is that there’s five tiles across the top, the one on the left is selected and it’s the W logo. There are four others, ending in the notification bell on the right. Below that, nothing, just blank white screen. When it first loads I see a very tiny W logo in the middle, just like on my laptop.

    As I mentioned previously, I’ve tried the new page on my phone a few times since you rolled it out. It used to just be unhelpful. Then, for months now, the information was cut off and unviewable. This all seems odd if, as people comment, WordPress is targeting mobile.

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