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  • The background colors I can leave alone, but thanks anyway.

    The crazy thing is, I had an older stats page bookmarked as well, and they managed to mess with it. I mean, why would they even bother?

  • WP said that they would remove the old Stats Page when they made the new one, but that they would leave the really old Stats Page through wp-admin alone. Which is why this thread exists. WP finally did remove it.

  • 1. Followers info in open module instead of requiring a click.
    2. Subscriber TOTAL is lacking on this sub-standard “new stats page.” My subscribed-by-email followers are not included in any ‘total’.

    I have to click through 2 pages to get to “email followers” and add them myself into the wp followers ‘total’ in order to find out the actual total followers of my blog.

    This is a real pain. I have more than 3x as many email subscribers as wp subscribers, because my subscribers tend to be people who do things rather than computer and social media geeks. (sorry!) I want to see follower totals at a glance in my stats, not as something I have to dig for.

    3. Week, month, year summaries for country stats, referrer stats, clicks stats (etc?). I (used to!) check these frequently. They reveal very interesting trends and sometimes help me make decisions about what direction to go with my blog.

    4. Link to LIFETIME stats for each post viewed, both broken down into boxes of numbers in months and years, but also as an easy-to-read bar graph for all the years of that post, rather than just the last 10 days.

    The function I am requesting to have back is the same thing as one can see if you go to WP ADMIN, then “ALL POSTS” then [in VIEW] enable a “STATS” column, and then click on a particular post’s stats.

    That functionality used to be one click away from the front page of the just-murdered “old stats” page. Just one click on (or beside?) the title of the post in the pages-and-posts module of the stats page would bring up the complete lifetime stats for that post.

    5. No giant left sidebar squeezing the other stats modules into less space.
    If it must stay as a full-height sidebar, it could still easily be reduced by more than half its current width.

    6. Bring back the unobtrusive yet very useful footer with convenient links to the FORUMS, support, etc.

    7. All the other things that are missing that I am probably not noticing yet, but will miss soon! I do not check things like lifetime stats for a particular post every day — in the immediate moment of having lost a stats program that had a much wider scope, I’m probably not noticing some of the things I will eventually be missing!

    Bring them back too!!! (or did wp not keep a record itself of the capabilities it removed when establishing this ‘new-and-improved’ stats “experience”?)

    Thanks for reading this far!

  • I’m still considering not using this new stats page, in part because of its heavy reliance on JavaScript which causes my CPU usage to jump to ~15% just by having it open, but to add an improvement, there should be a way to see the full text of referrer URLs. There is currently no way for me to see the full text, even though it’s available in the source. As a desktop user, I’m okay with having it displayed in a tooltip on hover using the title attribute, but obviously another solution will have to be developed for mobile.

  • To add on to my comment above, I suppose one solution is to use actual links instead of spans with onclick handlers.

  • Very simple: Please bring back the old stats. They were far better than the new ones.

    And meanwhile, please make it possible to default to the old editor. The new one is just . . . not good.

    If it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it!

  • @leewoof, tpenguinltg made a user script for us to always use the classic editor. See:

    Thanks again, Penguin.

  • The one absence I’m really noticing is the little graph that appeared on the top left hand side of the admin dashboard.

    This was the first quickfire way of noting if you’d received traffic, and then decide to investigate further.

    If it isn’t broken, why fix it?


  • I can only figure the WordPress staffers have ADHD or something, and feel like they constantly have to futz with these things that don’t need futzing with. Unless an improvement drives progress, it is not an improvement.

  • @tpenguinltg – I also use your magic app for getting redirected to the classic editor whenever I open the wp editor! thanks from me, too!

  • A a paying customer, I object to:-

    1. The usual highhanded lack of warning or consultation.
    2. Being herded into an unpopular UI by disabling the old one.
    3. Lack of respect for users.
    4. Slow new version.
    5. No link form the new version to the much better and faster Classic Editor.
    6. No link to earlier much better style of summaries.
    7. No link to the earlier, faster, better, more succinct and more informative lists of posts.
    8. No link to the earlier, faster, better, more succinct and more informative lists of pages .
    9. Space wasting new version, which results in cramped data. Why not a drop down menu ?
    10. You keep on repeating the same mistakes resulting from a high handed attitude. These are not improvements, they are impairments which are bad for both desktops and cell-phones.

    Noticing the increasing number of abandoned blogs and less frequently used blogs, you need a change of attitude if are to avoid disaster.

    N.B. Reliance on API for the new system was mistake without a more experienced and higher level of expertise..

  • Since the removal of the classic editor I decided never to pay for WordPress and no longer refer others to this service.

    WordPress are not listening to the billions of free bloggers or the millions of paying users when they make changes that are detrimental to our work.

    All feedback is ignored if we reject changes that are setbacks, not a step forward.

    And while we are told all these changes are in the name of progress and better service, I have to ask, progress for whom? Better service for whom? Improvements from whose perspective? Clearly not the people who actually use the product every day!

    If the support staff continue to cater only to the tablet mobile user, with their code mimicking facebook and tumblr, there is no future for serious journalism here.

    While I am waiting to move my website to another platform, I would add that I agree with the following excellent summaries:



    new stats page cons (there are no pros)

    great list of specific details

    new stats page reliance on JavaScript

  • I agree with all the complaints here, and especially with the brief one from mikeosbornphoto. Why remove the graphic in the top left corner? What could possibly be the reason for that?

    I don’t pay much attention to the WP administration, changes, etc. and rarely look at the stats page anymore, but after four years of blogging with over 261K page views, my impression has been that WP knows how to manipulate its users for their maximum benefit. They seem to feel that most of us will stay no matter what. I guess they’re right in the short term, but in the long term I think it is likely to backfire on them.

  • You have now changed the notifications icon to a little bell in the old UI.

    The original icon showed either a star (a new like) or a comment box ( a new comment) and was more helpful.

    Why are you so insistent on damaging the old (and far better( system).

    Face it; your predecessors, who built WP, were better at this than you are..

  • It has been 5 days now (granted, Christmas is in there) and we have not heard from WP staff since this thread was started. Lots of users have laid out numerous good, valid points. No response. Questions have been made as to what is afoot. These question have gone unacknowledged and unanswered despite us users playing the feedback kabuki they have asked us to be a part of.

    This is shameful.

    I think it would be preferable if WP just came out and said something to the effect of “we don’t care if you think the new format is not as good as the old one. You will use it and that is final.” Instead, they hide in silence, behind their forum feedback ramparts. It is a picture of courage.

  • This is a replay of the furious and futile reaction to Beep Beep Boop a couple of years ago. The only difference is that fewer people are complaining now. That’s because most of the complainers back then have either left, or they’ve learned how indifferent the management is, so they’re not wasting their time.

  • . . . or they are out of town in their Xmas vacations (doing some skiing or so in any remote areas without internet connection) and not aware till now, what’s going on with WP (LOL).

  • I hate the new changes as well! I am techie challenged at the best of times so don’t like change especially when it is not for the better!!

    I miss my stats summary pages with showed the weekly and historical % increase/decrease. If that still exists somewhere it would be nice to know. There is a new page that is sort of like this but only includes stats from the day the new change occurred.

    I’m a free user and did recently consider upgrading but won’t do that now.

    I don’t understand why they did this as there was absolutely nothing wrong with the other version. If this is for mobile users, create or bring back the old one for those of us that use our computers to blog. I would never use my phone so this is of no benefit to me whatsoever…..argh!!!

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