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    @supernovia, this whole exercise is probably just a smokescreen. Why are you asking for feedback, let alone specific feedback? Is there going to be a major revision of the stats page? I could understand looking for feedback on the new reader, but that is after the implementation of a code change. This is different. WP has gotten ample feedback about the new stats page. Some improvements were even made as a result (visitor bar in graph, world map brought back), but people still used the old stats page because it was objectively a better means of getting information about our blogs. We all had to adapt to continue using the old code, book marking it and such.

    Now, with no warning, that has been killed off. The only acknowledgement we users have gotten from WP was to kill off a bunch of threads and start a sticky one so we can give feedback. Unless a change to the new stats page is coming, this is all just obfuscation. Feedback is worthless unless change implementation is imminent.

    So, the question is, what is afoot? Is a revision to the new stats page coming? If not, why was the old one killed off? Do you understand that not addressing this issue, with specificity and directness is only going to anger and drive people away? When I have made hyperbolic statements regarding the nature of WP’s conduct and methods, I was trying to draw attention to this very issue. Not explaining why things are happening is very upsetting to people and this on top of upsetting them for needlessly and brutishly exchanging an effective tool for one of inferior quality. This does not make WP look good at all.

    That being, said, I will play the feedback game too, in the vain hope that something will change.

    Pros for old stat page (compared to the new stats page, there are no cons):

    1. Clean, elegant and efficient layout. It is pleasant to look at, uses the space on the screen well.

    2. Has fairly intuitive structure. The information is laid out in a way that makes sense. It also makes it easy to check the summaries for each category.

    3. Has easy links to the summaries for each category. This is especially helpful when looking at the weekly/monthly/yearly overall summary of the blog, as well as how many hits individual pages have gotten etc.

    4. The old stats page made it easy to check the all-time stats for individual pages and who many hits per country etc.

    New stats page cons (there are no pros):

    1. Presumably designed for mobile devices, the layout and appearance of page is jarring. It does not look right but it is also straining.

    2. The information on it, especially the daily use graph, is harder to read, inelegant, and unattractive. While the return of the visitor bars to the graph was essential, it also cluttered an already compressed landscape.

    3. It uses the space in a browser poorly, needlessly jamming information into a confined area and leaving a significant amount of empty space closing in on the sides.

    4. There are no links to summaries.

    5. It is slower in loading.

    I am sure I could come up with more but that ought to be enough.

    A few other thoughts:

    1. For the record I would add, when I do check my stats on my Samsung Galaxy, I think the old stats page looks better even then. The wider layout looks much better than the compressed, “mobile” version.

    2. While I am adding to the record, I would add that the old editing system was much, much better than the newer one as well.

    3. I suspect that the majority of serious bloggers compose their work on desktops or laptops, not on tablets. It is infuriating to force us to use mobile formats in this case.

    4. Please understand that people are angry at being forced to regress. It is not particularly progressive of a company to insist people use newer but retrograde quality code. It is even worse when it is done without humility or explanation.

    5. @supernovia, I know that this is not your doing. You may even, personally prefer the old stuff too, but defending it is not what you have been tasked to do.

    6. Lastly, I reiterate the obligation WP has to explaining to what is going on:

    A. Why kill the old stats page at this time.
    B. Is a major revision of the new one afoot?
    C. If not, why even ask for feedback, other than to get us to vent and
    D. Why not let users select the format of the stats page, editor and
    reader in the settings?

    Failure to answer these questions reflects very, very badly on WP.

    Thanks for reading this all the way to the end. Merry Christmas.



    Lot’s of awesome points!

    There are no links to summaries.

    I trying to find the all-time summary since 20 minutes in the new stats page and can’t find something like that. The old stats page hat a general summary where you could see (in my case) stats from 2011 to 2016, inclusive months and percentage increase or decreases, averages and so on. Extremely detailed stuff, awomse to check out how the blog developed over time. I am not sure if there is something like this in the new stats page, but if that is the case, it already failed because it’s not clearly visible to the user as I search since quite some time.

    I still think too the thread here is a smokescreen. I am sure they got rid of the stats page during Holidays for a reason, to minimize the amount of complains.

    I can just say again what I alway said, the old stats screen looked like the more advanced stats screen compared to the new one. When I still had the option to decide between them both, it was like marking the “advanced options” field in a software product. Seriously, there is so much more data visible in the old stats screen, or as @bubbasuess said it was so well presented as the space was used perfectly. The whole design had logic, that is what is missing in the new stats page.

    Up to this day, the new stats page is the instagramified version of the old page. But monitoring your development trend, this is probably exactly what you wanted to achieve… Mobile first and only.

    The problem I see in this calculation is, that you can dump down your product as you want, but the truth is that you won’t attract more serious bloggers with it. In my experience you did a great job to attract single-line bloggers recently, there is a new invasion of bloggers that use the WP platform as instragram or Twitter alternative. But most of them give their blogs up after a short period, which means, ultimatively the whole simplification strategy doesn’t work out.

    You can give a serious photographer a smartphone, and he/she will take a couple of photos with it. But at the end they will go back to their advanced SLR camera for a reason. This is pretty much the same with blogging. Serious bloggers do appreciate advanced tools.

    I am here since 2011, I’ve been supportive because I loved the previous product. But currently it looks as if you don’t care about your backbone, about those that blog on your platform since a half decade or those that did that even longer. Do you really want to exchange them? To fascinate those that drop a few single-line posts until they disappear again as it didn’t work as well as spamming photos on Instragram?

    Good luck with this strategy. Loss of confidence in your service.


    It really does seem that you could easily have both versions of the stats page, at the very least. I pay several hundred dollars a year (a business package, a premium package, several additional feature packages), am a serious blogger with two active websites, etc., etc., please give customers–that’s what we are after all–serious options. Thanks!


    Also by the way, the first visible data presented when I open the new stats page, is my posting activity or the so called insights tab. Can someone from WordPress explain how this makes sense? First of all, I am very well aware of my posting activity even without this feature, even if I have a very active week. Second, the posting activity feature could be a nice addition, but it’s absolutely not what I want to see first if I load the stats page. I want to get to the important data right away without extra clicks.

    Now as it is, I have to click on stats, when it’s loaded I have to click on “days”, “weeks”, “months” or “years”. I think posting activity is a so much less important data that I really wonder why you designed it on a way that this is the first data presented if the page is loaded. You can say what is important, that is subjective, but I really can’t imagine that there are many people who constantly check their “posting activity”. Again, posting activity is nice additional data, but not the most important data. It could be places in the last tab, it shouldn’t be the default data. Default data widget should be daily visits, that would be most logical.


    I see you’ve moved my cheese. I want my old version of the stats page back, thank you. This new version tells me absolutely nothing – other than you’ve irritated me.


    Everyone here has already made my point, but to add in one more, the new stats page is awful. Summaries were there at a click. All the information you needed also there on one screen. I will post a more detailed version later, but the Old Stats page was far superior and one of the joys of opening the browser in the morning!
    How this can be seen as an improvement defies logic. Please bring back the old stats page as an option!


    all the above.
    Leslie Martel


    Question to WordPress: Are you going to do anything in response to all this or are you just letting us blow off steam, then you’re hoping we’ll shut up?


    Just tweeted WordPress about this. It’s more public than this forum and might (remotely) be taken seriously. The more people do it, the better. Do it, and do it often.


    I agree with the statements that have been made about how the old stats page were much better. All the information was clearly visible without having to do extra clicks. I stuck with the old stats page and kept telling WordPress at every opportunity that I thought their new stats page was not as good.
    The new stats which has been foisted upon is is not fit for purpose. Why should I click through this and that to see the world map and the number of views by country when is was clearly visible on the stats landing page before? Some idiot web developer thinks the new page looks better and maybe its easier to maintain but it’s not what we want.
    Bring back the old stats page!!!


    Another vote for the old stats page from me, but as you’ve asked for specific feedback, here it is:

    1. A link to the tables from the graphs
    2. A link to the summaries for each section (top posts, referrers, etc) – showing the top of each for the last week, month, etc
    3. All-time data available as part of all of those summaries and tables
    4. Wider bars on the day graphs (if they were as thick as the weeks graph they would be much better)
    5. Wider boxes for the individual sections
    6. Faster loading times for the stats
    7. Easy access to the forums, etc (how are you meant to get to them at the moment?)
    8. Do the graphs on the new page update in real time? If not, giving the time that the data has been accessed, rather than just the date would also be useful.

    9. On the insights page – this would be more useful if you could click on a square in the Posting Activity and see the Post Summary for that post, rather than just the latest one (and I’m still not quite sure how useful that would actually be…)
    10. Also on Insights – Most popular day and hour would be a lot more useful if you gave us the rest of the data (even 2 pie charts – day & time- would be more useful that what you’ve currently got!)
    11. Make the sections on all the pages rearrangeable and able to save these preferences. Actually I’d prefer it if we could customise a page so that we could incorporate bits from all the current pages into one – which I could access by default.

    12. Fewer clicks to get at things (rather than having to wade through from all the summaries).

    13. I’d still quite like an explanation as to why you’ve removed easy access to the more detailed data in the first place?


    1) “First and foremost, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

    No, you are not. There is nothing sudden and accidental to the changes made which you are receiving complaints. If your words held some Truth, you would do something to amend that for which you are apologizing.

    2) “Relatively few of you were using the older code, but if you were one of those …”

    So this is not an apology at all. You are trying to justify what you have done, based upon numbers. Words do not mean anything if you work in high tech, even if there once was a promise made, perhaps by the old guard, that those who choose to continue to view their old stats could. Why not just be truthful and say, “We do not care. That is the way technology is. We are as ruthless as the rest of the world. Did you not read about the recent election?”

    It is a sorry state of affairs when the WORD part of WordPress tries to ruthlessly justify change based upon the numbers, and your words are so inadequate.

    Season’s Greetings in the Darkest Time of the Year


    So I am the audacious one. I am the one that gives wp money. I am one of those who commented on different threads about your latest improvement plan waiting for an answer. I was once more ignored, taken by surprise and forced to follow your agenda, AGAIN…
    I want to know WHY you killed the old stats page? WHY? Can you answer please? WHY?
    11 months ago something happened to my old stats page
    and even though my page look like this I continued to use it since it was far far more practical than the new one. You did nothing to fix it but I could live with that. But now you had to kill it. Just like the Reader; no notice, no explanation, no worries.
    English is not my mother language and it’s difficult for me to have to explain and express my point of view. All fellow bloggers here and elsewhere expressed it better than I would. I agree with everything they say. For the last 10 days, instead of blogging, I spend my precious time and energy to complain here in the forum with no result. I hate it. No one seems to care or hear what we say; it happens all the time, it’s a pattern wp follows. I don’t want to be here anymore and this is the result of your behavior. Do you care what we think of you? Apparently no.
    And you ask for “feedback”! All the time… It’s ridiculous! We gave our feedback by answering your poll for 3 months. “We prefer the old stats page”.But you didn’t like the answer. So you forced the the new stats page. Luckily I found the old stats link and bookmarked it.
    As I agree with EVERY comment made here, there’s no point to repeat. I use a desktop computer and resent the new mentality for mobile users. Everything is so small and cluttered.
    I would like to add that I want to see my followers’ blog. There’s a “followers” button but the only thing I can do is to “remove” them; I want to see who they are and visit their blog.
    Finally, instead of asking for “feedback” and tire us (and you), you could give us a Christmas present and just bring the old stats page back_


    The old stats page was a lot more user friendly. But I could make my peace with the new stats, if only the “view all times” button hadn’t been removed!

    Please bring back that features, otherwise the stats page is near useless to me. Especially a lack of “all times” for countries is just plain stupid.


    What is most bizarre is that they have left access to the old-old stats and removed the old stats.
    Wordpress has learned nothing from responses to its previous improvement upgrades (did I say improvement upgrades? – whoops, a slip of the tongue!)
    The new stats were appallingly bad when they were introduced a couple of years ago and clearly nothing has been done to improve them since in response to feedback.
    What WordPress obviously lacks are some mature and serious website designers, not a bunch of kids who spend their time on their smartphones and don’t understand what serious PC based blogging is all about.


    I posted my complaints on Facebook. They are hiding them here.

    Where are the “old-old stats”. I would like to see if I like them better than the ugly, new, useless stats?


    @ johneharrison, and others interested in finding the “classic” old, old Stats page: (insert your blog’s name before in the link).

    I highly recommend bookmarking that link in your browser.

    For a redirect script using Greasemonkey, see The Penguin’s blog post:


    Thanks, @johneharrison. That’s not exactly the page I was using, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the substitute.


    Ooops. Make that “Thanks, Dandelionsalad.” Much appreciated.


    You’re welcome, Ellen.

    I always preferred this Stats Page so bookmarked it a long time ago.

    You can even change the background color scheme, too. Instructions at the end of this post:

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