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  • Hi everyone! We have a lot of feedback about stats winding through various threads. Let’s go ahead and consolidate it here.

    First and foremost, we’re sorry for the inconvenience. Relatively few of you were using the older code, but if you were one of those people we can understand this isn’t easy. Thanks for your patience here.

    If there is a feature you were using in the retired stats and cannot find it in the current version, please share that here. We will do our best to count each person’s comments if you’ll avoid entering duplicates.

    We do want to note, too, that many of the features requested in the other threads are actually available now. For example, many have said they no longer see their top posts or countries. Click on Weeks to see this week’s top posts, top countries, etc. To see a different week, click on that week’s bar from the Weeks view. You can do that on the Days / Months / Years tabs as well. Hopefully that will be a bit easier to navigate!

    Also, if you are viewing data for multiple sites at once, you will see a more tabular format showing each site’s stats for the current week/month/etc. But if you’ll select a site (either by clicking on one site’s stats or using “switch sites” on the sidebar menu) you can see graphs and maps for that site for each time period.

    Thank you again for your patience! We’ll be listening.

  • The “old stats” that were available until yesterday morning were so, so much easier to read and access any given information quickly.

    The new stats do not have any kind of data on “all time” hits by country, by post, etc. I want to be able to quickly see how many hits I’ve gotten by month and year, the way it used to be.

    The old stats had very convenient, easy-to-read tables that displayed data.

    The new stats are SO MUCH SLOWER – I have FAST Internet so it’s not my connection.

    Everything would be great if the old stats page was reenabled! :)

  • And, it would have been very considerate of WordPress to provide notice, especially to users who pay for business packages and other professional, paid packages. :)

  • We do want to note, too, that many of the features requested in the other threads are actually available now.

    Look, the problem is that I am working on a PC with a wide-screen. I don’t understand why you don’t care about PC users anymore. Increase the width of the new stats page and it might be quite usable. Until now it’s still a page designed for mobile users, and I won’t believe you if you say it’s not the case.

    Relatively few of you were using the older code, but if you were one of those people we can understand this isn’t easy.

    That’s pure logic, because you didn’t give users a choice, and you did your best to hide the link to the classic stats page. The relatively few users who used the other stats page did either find the links or used redirect scripts.

    Also by the way, history repeats here. First you close a massive thread, that happened a couple of times in the past. Second, you come up with the hammer right away and tell people how they are wrong, because you simply can’t stand it if someone complains about your design decisions.

    The post you did here reads like a “F*** you all, we do what ever we want and your opinion doesn’t count”.

  • there is a very easy solution for all the problems mentioned in all of the threads about this topic.

    many users have mentioned all the exact problems here and in the view other threads.

    just get back the old stats view, that was available via this link until around 24 hours ago…

    and everything will be solved!

    thanx in advance

  • Yesterday was the second time this year where we were almost forced to change to the new stats page. If relatively few of us were using it, it is only because WordPress has made it extremely hard to use the old stats page. If you just gave us an option from day one.

    Again, personally, everything about the old stats page was better. It was far more readable, and usable. At the top there was a graph with how many people had actually read my blog for the last month. Then below that a list with information like the busiest day and how many people had view my blog that day. Then the two column below that had a world map showing me where visitors were from and which posts people were actually reading. In both those options, I could easily click on ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’, plus a summary page. It all made the stats section easy to read and understand. Now of this exists in the new state page.

  • Ditto what edwardbrain1 said 100%. The old stats page was better in every way. I was able to keep using it because I specifically bookmarked that page.

  • Oh, and I forgot to add that for the last several months I was constantly being asked why I preferred the old stats page. I kept clicking on the response – yet obviously no one was reading the results of the poll.

  • With all these changes, whether statistics, notifications, or the editor (remember Beep Beep Boop?), it would be decent of you to: (1) give us advance warning of the change; (2) in the new version, provide a convenient link to the “classic” version; and (3) give us the option to choose the version we prefer by letting us select it as one of our settings. Then everyone will be happy.

  • This is how it looks like to me…

    1. Make it hard to access an old feature
    2. Wait and hope that users forget the previous feature
    3. Kill the feature
    4. Tell users relatively few were using it
    5. Close user threads in hope that some users will give up commenting on the issue
    6. Open a new thread and simulate interest in the opinions of users and redirect them to contribute with suggestions to the new feature.
    7. Don’t improve the feature and wait it out until no one is left to complain.

    Do you have at least an API or a way to fetch the stats data? I can just hope someone with coding knowledge will come up with alternative tools. Otherwise I don’t really see a future for myself on this platform that becomes a pure mobile experience as it seems.

  • @supernovia

    Thx for considering the cons of the new stats page.

    My point is usability. I was using both stats pages (old and new) parallel for some time. And in my experience the new one offered little advantages while making it at the same time much more difficult to get as quickly as possible to the basic data. It caused a lot of additional click and scroll work, which made the whole process of checking the data unnecessary time consuming, especially when checking the stats of several WordPress installations.

    So, if some people don’t have problems with the new stats page, okay let them use it. But for the other ones you better should still provide the original stats page as an option, as it was till yesterday.

    As for me, if the new stats page only will be the last word, I will disconnect from Jetpack (the stats are the main reason for me to use it) and rely on something like Piwik.

  • @supernovia, I don’t know where else to post it. On the closed thread you asked for a screenshot from my Samsung S3, I took one and replied asking how to get it to you. I don’t see an answer and the thread is closed. Feel free to follow up here, if it’s still of interest.

  • The new stat page is ugly. I don’t like to even look at it. There is no elegance to it. It is hard to read and requires multiple cursor manipulations to get the same information that the other stat page just displayed.

    I liked to check the number of readers and what they were reading. After WP recently stopped posting a small hourly readership graph I had to do this more often. My WP experience has gotten worse, not better. The stat page is the last straw.

    I also liked to see which foreign countries were reading which stories. By looking at two report son one page that was clearly visible.

    In the simplest of terms I spent several hours today and yesterday looking at alternative sites to post my stuff on. I have not found one yet, but you are creating a business opportunity for someone else. Why? Why force a lot of people to do something they do not want to do?

  • Yeah, the new stats we are now forced to use are not as powerful. If I want to see how my blog has done over weeks or months I can now only look for the last year. I can’t look at my stats for yesterday. Please explain how that is an improvement. I assume the improvements are that the page looks simpler. The bars in the bar charts are much bigger.

    Now we are informed that only a slim minority of bloggers had an interest in using the more powerful features. Therefore, we must take those features away from them because ___________? What could the reason be to make customers less satisfied when all that was needed to keep them satisfied was to NOT remove an already existent option that they were happy with.

    What is the motive here? Is there a pay-for feature that is more usable? Is it just to appear more streamlined? But then nobody will see the old, superior stats page except those who prefer to use it.

    I’m at a loss.

    I guess stats are only really useful for me to check what people are looking at today, and maybe checking on my yearly stats once a year or two or three.

    Of course, my dream would be to have the old editor and stats page and everything else just the way it was when I started blogging in sometime in 2013. I used to be able to tell you the month and week I started, but now that information is no longer available to me. And this is progress.

  • I agree with what everyone else have said here. Compared to the classic stats, the newer stats really does appear to be geared towards mobile devices – and everything squished together does not make it look appealing and frankly speaking, hard to read. I do notice the stats bars showing the view count and visitor numbers is considerably narrower too and I find it isn’t appealing to the eye.

    I also can’t seem to find the overall total number of views for each of my blog posts. I can’t see how many posts got how many views for each year but not for all the years I’ve been blogging.

    Also, it now takes quite a bit more time for my stats page to load (and my laptop is roughly two years old and I have a very good, fast internet connection). I also notice from the PC-performance and RAM monitor gadgets on my laptop go up whenever I load the stats page – meaning not only loading the stats page is slow, it is probably also tiring out my computer :(

  • I completely agree with Edwardbrain1.

    I would like to add that I am paying for a product and I don’t think I’m out of line to expect to get the product that I’m paying for. To have it changed w/o any notification is outrageous! I feel as if I’m being held hostage because it IS very difficult for me to change from wordpress for a number of reasons. It’s like going into your hair dresser and having your hair colored the same way for five, six years, say red, and all of a sudden they take off the towel and your hair is blonde. And you HATE it. And you’re just supposed to keep going and paying with no choice other, I suppose, than to leave and find somewhere else, which might not be what you WANT to do.

    I was only able to continue to use old stats page because I came across a blogger who showed me how to use it so if someone didn’t come across a post on their own they would have had no idea the old stats page was still available – no wonder “few” people were using it.

    Of course bloggers would post on numerous threads because they want to be heard on all threads. Why on earth that would be harassment, I don’t understand. BTW, this is the first post on the stats I’ve posted on any thread. It just goes to show how much your WP users want to be HEARD!!

    I’m hopping mad.

  • It seems to me to be an act of meanness and what is the point of leaving the old old statistics page available? If the old old page can stay then why not the old page, if you see what I mean.

  • First, excuse me for starting a new thread regarding the fact that I lack the old statistic page, which for me was much better than the new one. The reason for, why I started a new thread, was that I do not think it should be OK, to write my problem in other members threads. :-(
    Now I have read the other threads you have linked me in my thread, some with “Topic Closed”, But I have not found the answer about, can I get back the old statistic page? This problem, don’t need to be yours, but me. Perhaps I have not understand? Excuse me if so!

    PS: I will also say that I in this forum, hade been helped a lot earlier, of timethief and others. Thank you for this! (y)

  • I agree. After months of being asked via a poll why I prefer the old stats page, it seems that the results have been ignored and the old page retired. But since you are forcing the new stats page on us, there are a few changes that could be made to the new page to make it easier to understand/more aesthetically pleasing/less confusing:

    On a wide format screen (laptop/TV/PC) there are pointless grey areas either side of the new stats. Can’t the designers/developers just make the graph and other sections fluid/responsive so that screens other than mobiles are also catered for?

    Also if WordPress could add a “Yesterday” tab or link to the new stats, these two additions would make them as close to the old stats as possible.

    Please consider these two additions/amendments. Thank you.

  • Hate the new stats page. It’s useful to see yesterday’s stats as well as today’s–clicks, referrers, search questions, posts and pages, basically everything. And since you updated it (I was using the older version of the stats page, which I preferred to your last “improvement,”) I seem to have lost 50 or 60 followers. In two days? Hmm. That’s never happened before.

    Please, tweak the new one all you like, but can’t you just make the old version available for those of us who want to use it? And then leave it alone.

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