Stats Classics: How to set?

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    My tuppence worth of feedback:
    On the top of the main stats page the first box is supposed to be listing posts published on the current day. It seems to be broken: the posts (for me so far, since I started looking at new stats) seem to appear there with a day of delay. Not sure what the reason.


    I’m not seeing any problems with the list of published posts, but I did check the number of comments listed and it said 6 for today, and I count only 2 for today so far. Perhaps the 24-hour time period doesn’t correspond to our time zones? I don’t know.



    Adding one more vote against the new stats page for every single reason mentioned above.

    The extra scrolling involved is my biggest issue as well. The narrow portrait layout does not make any sense whatsoever. Why couldn’t the links in the sidebar have been accommodated in a collapsible menu as in the classic dashboard?

    Doing away with the old version permanently would underscore Automatic’s lack of concern for user sentiment.

    My publicize stats haven’t updated since the change. I am missing over 370 Twitter & Facebook followers!



    An “export to csv” button for each section would be great. The old stats were selectable and I can continue with copy-paste to Excel.
    The reason I follow my stats in Excel is, I need to combine stats of my two blogs (since they’re a part of one website published in two different languages). Blogs are at and



    Yes, mashet: “The extra scrolling involved is my biggest issue as well.”

    The biggest problem is, after you have scrolled VERTICALLY down-down-down, you change (for instance) into the stats page for “years” of a certain page of yours, and you have to start HORIZONTAL scrolling!
    Only January-August of a year is visible, and you have to scroll to the right to see the rest.
    This tiny box is so incredibly stupid …
    And it takes YEARS (OK, up to 20 seconds) to change from on stats page to the next one.



    Have you ever tried to PRINT the “upgraded” “All posts & pages (Stats for today)” or tried to COPY today’s full list (not just the Top 10)?
    You can’t.
    And you couldn’t the day before. And you probably can’t tomorrow.

    To transfer parts of word press stats pages to Excel ist not without problems, kadishon.



    I am a little bit of a technophobe and it took me ages to learn how to use WordPress about 2 or so years ago. I had looked at other blogging sites but WordPress was the most attractive in terms of user friendliness for someone who can just about master the basics. I think it took me three or four weeks simply going through google searches and looking at the support areas of WordPress before I was comfortable enough to write and post on this site.

    Having taken so long to learn how to use WordPress, I have noticed that changes have been made along the way since then. I do look at the stats everyday, and I first noticed that stats had changed to include a world map, which I though was great. Then, it became very blue, which was actually rather uncomfortable ie as in physically painful to the eye. However, the map was still there and everything was still in place and it wasn’t like I was going to be staring at it for ages on end.

    Now, though, there is this stats change that has made viewing one’s stats very cumbersome because not everything is on the one page, and one has to keep scrolling etc to see stats for various aspects of one’s posts. The old way was better because it was easy to read everything on one page.

    I sent the following comment in earlier:

    ‘I have difficulty viewing all the stats on one page without having to scroll down now that you have changed the stats page.
    Please please return to the previous stats page – it was easy to use, instinctive to understand, and SO GOOD. The new one is fiddly and not very user friendly.’

    To add to the comment above, I would like to say that I found the new stats page so user unfriendly that I began to see whether there was anyway in which I could view my stats in the old format. I could not find out how to do this despite clicking on various aspects of the Dashboard. Eventually, after an hour of looking for a means to see whether I could find the old stats page display again, I took to google to look for help. That’s when I found out about the forums regarding this and a way to perhaps make my voice heard by the WordPress management.

    Could I also say that I still prefer to use the original WordPress screen for writing my posts as I find it more intuitive and easy to use?




    Hiya Blodge1, as a temporary measure until this mess is sorted out, you can copy this to your address bar:-)

    Then bookmark it and every other favourite location. Then you can open tabs for each one that you want to use.

    And, should you wish to use it, the main thread for this topic is, just click on:-

    Best of Luck



    See this comment on the other thread about all the recent changes on WP:

    It tells you how to change your color scheme on the old dashboard/administrative pages.

    You can still use the “old” Blue with Map Stats:

    Not sure how to get there, so please bookmark it if you prefer those Stats.

    The old old Stats through the dashboard can be reached through the old dashboard, then on the left side bar, click Site Stats. That is the Stats page without the map and you can choose your own color scheme.


    Just found a new way to reach the old Blue with map Stats page. Don’t know if this was available earlier or not, as I use the old-old Stats page with custom color scheme.

    Go to your blog or admin. pages, click on your blog’s name on the very top left side, hoover over it, click “Stats” on the drop-down menu.

    If you wish to go to the old-old custom color Stats Page, click on “Site Stats” in the left side bar.



    Not to pile on, but totally agree that the redesign isn’t working for me. Not gonna lie, it does look nice and some of the details are slick, but as I’m reading through these posts, I’m finally learning where to get everything I need. I think some pop ups introducing everyone to the new redesign would definitely help. Facebook or any other platform will give you a walk-through the first time you log-in after a new design or after new features were introduced. It’d be great to have that here moving forward, especially since blogging is a professional or para-professional effort for most of us.



    I too do not like the new stats page – it is totally useless in my opinion. The new states page only shows me the number of views for the last week, not the last month (a better indicator of whether or not people looking at my blog. Plus, more importantly, I cannot find the summaries page for the different stats (the old state page allowed me to easily see which pots are viewed the most, or what country people are from.)


    @trevormaat, what a great idea for the pop-ups for tutorials when something has changed on WP. So far, WP doesn’t even alert us to the fact that something has changed, we just happen upon it. And most people cannot even find the Forums to discuss these changes.



    Why is it SO DIFFICULT for your programmers to offer an option on these “supposedly new and exciting updates”? Really just a one click option that will allow those of us on the desktop to continue our efforts as we know them. Is that difficult to do or are you trying to get rid of us?



    Thanks, Grahaminhats and Dandelionsalad, for the links. I have book marked them.

    If there are going to be improvement in the stats department, could the WordPress team look at the Jetpack stats page instead please? Since I started using these stats more than a year ago, I have not managed to see the ‘Clicks’, ‘Tags and Categories’ and ‘Comments’ boxes at all. It would be good to be able to get information on these categories.




    The tutorial would be a great idea.
    1/ In trying to create them the developers would be forced to see there own mistakes.
    2/ When working they would be very helpful.
    3/ When it’s a shambles as now, a tutorial would be hilarious. :-)


    Glad to see that I am not the only one who hates the new stats page. It is incredibly awful. I filled out the “survey” and detailed what I’d like. But why they would introduce a tool that has FAR FEWER analytical tools is beyond me. Don’t you want us to use this service seriously?



    I wonder if WordPress actually reads their forum or will take the survey seriously. And if not, why not?




    Since they have indicated that it unlikely that they will publish the results, they won’t have to take it seriously if the don’t like the results.



    You can contact Matt Mullenweg at

    and ask him to check the forums. I suggest using the topic name(s) rather than the URL’s as they may put the request in moderation.

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