Stats Classics: How to set?

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    Thanks, timethief, I have subscribed to that thread.



    We ♥ all classic pages – oh yes we do ☆
    When we can’t find them – we are blue ☉
    Take away from us and we’ll boo hoo
    We ♥ all classic pages – oh yes we do ☆

    TT: you made me laugh a lot. :D



    I now get dumped into the ghastly new dashboard when I exit the Customizer.

    I just cancelled the wonderful premium theme I’d been using on my site for the past few weeks. I’d do the same with custom design if I could. The only remaining “upgrade” in the future will be a site redirect.

    It might not happen for a month or two, but I’m going to have to bite the bullet and shell out some cash for self-hosting.’s poorly designed and implemented changes have drained the pleasure out of my experience here.



    No words. There are just no words for how much I hate these new stat pages.

    No views/visitors.

    No “X number of posts Title, Title2, Title3, etc” on the page anywhere.

    Still no stats before 2009, apparently. That musta been when the internet was invented, right?



    No words. There are just no words for how much I hate these new stat pages.

    Agreed. I especially despise the way they tried to force us to use them.

    I dislike the loss of navigation between on user’s blog and my own (last week’s casualty), and today’s fiasco—the elimination of the edit function from the My Sites menu.

    Most of all, I despise the disingenuous and patronizing way we’ve been dismissed as resistant to change, told that many users prefer the new changes without access to polls or other evidence (apparently, silence=approval), and assured that our “constructive” criticisms would be taken into consideration.

    These responses are typical of corporate doublespeak, thinly-veiled attempts to diffuse our frustration without resolving the core issues.

    Microsoft learned the hard way that a design ethos that works for phones and tablets doesn’t translate into a compelling user experience on laptops and desktops. WordPress apparently needs to learn the same lesson.



    I think we all agree. I hope “they” listen.



    You currently have nine pages of complaints here about all the new changes you’ve made. In the past you listened when we told you we didn’t like something.

    Now it is clear that you don’t care. Many of us are telling you that we liked the old format. Your response: “It will be phased out shortly.” This is not what we want to hear.

    Personally, I don’t have an Iphone or any of the new phones. Further, I don’t own a tablet. WHY? Because I can’t afford them.

    If I don’t own these portable devices, then why should I have to conduct my business in a tablet or phone format? I agree with several users who would like the option to choose between the two.

    You really need to back down on this issue or give a choice between formats for the stats page.

    Also, I have often used the search feature that used to reside on the black menu bar on the far right. What did you do with that? Bring it back to the menu bar, please.

    Thank you for reading this, and I hope you will listen to the hundreds of other commenters who have complained here and on other threads on your site.



    I imagine this has been mentioned, but I notice that I can’t select text to copy and paste somewhere else. Sometimes I like to grab search terms and paste them into a search box. It’s easy to do with the classic layout on my android phone or in Firefox. For some reason text throughout the new stats seems to be copy-proof.

    Thanks for bringing back the Search Terms btw.



    I think the important thing for us to grasp here is that WordPress is weighing their options. They look at what their options are and they think, “Well, on the one hand, we could give people options, but that means we have to maintain and pay attention to two different types of stats page. On the other hand, we don’t give a damn about people who use and tout our services. The users we potentially gain are worth more than the existing customers we may lose.”

    They’re all but saying it to our faces.



    I think what I’m struggling with, aside from the myriad issues I’ve complained about already, is that the powers that be keep saying this is for mobile and tablet streamlining, but it must just be for the mobile website. I use the iOS app (which has any number of issues), but it still has the old stats pages.



    @ Geoffwhaley – They’re going to phase out the old stats page (and presumably the old editor) in favor of the new ones, and force us over, at a later point. Right now they’re just doing it half-and-half.



    They’ve said that the old dashboard would be accessible, though there was nothing said about whether this would be permanent. Designsimply has repeatedly said that the old stats page would be phased out, though she didn’t have a time frame for it.

    @wildbow, I think many of us have had those thoughts over the past 2 months. was once quite similar to WordPress CMS, albeit without some of the same functionality. They’re evidently trying to differentiate between the 2 platforms, with becoming the new “in” place for the Twitter/iPhone/Facebook single line/single photo hoards.

    The loss of the ability to save files to the server in the Beep Boop editor? That probably doesn’t matter to someone posting a sentence or two from a tablet. The fact that the new editor is also prone to eliminating paragraph breaks is also irrelevant to bloggers who rarely compose long posts. Stripping away the convenient editor feature this week won’t affect the mobile crowd either, as most of them aren’t likely to edit their posts anyway.

    The new user interface? Most phone and tablet users are accustomed to scrolling and tapping. WordPress could easily accommodate both audiences (and many of us use both platforms already), but they’ve obviously determined that welcoming the microbloggers entails the need to force the changes on traditional, long form bloggers. They’re banking on us staying in spite of the changes, or at least hoping that the influx of 200 character posters will offset the loss of core users.

    They aren’t the only game in town, though.



    @wildblow – I understand that, but they’re saying it’s for streamlining so why would they apply it to desktops first when they’ve not even applied it to a MOBILE APP?

    @fjordaniv – They’ve been very clear after they got tired of all the complains, I believe the quote from a staff member was:

    The newer pages are preferred, and constructive feedback about them helps us make those pages better. Moving forward is better in the long term.



    @geoffwhaley—I recall that comment quite well. It’s evident that they see the changes as improvements (“moving forward”).

    I’ve worked in higher education for a couple of decades now. We’ve experienced similar pushes for radical change every few years. Most of the changes are pushed through by fiat, though administrators provide us with a veneer of democracy under the guise of feedback.

    The initiatives usually fail, exacerbating existing problems and spawning new issues in the process. We’ll quietly revert to the former practices after a year or two—no one will admit wrongdoing or accept responsibility for the failure, and sometimes the change back is touted as more “innovation.”

    I’m sure that many in the corporate world have similar experiences.

    There’s nothing wrong with change or evolution, provided the change is thoughtful, well-researched, and properly implemented. Rarely is this the case. Too many people want to be innovators without giving much thought to the consequences imposed on the stakeholders.



    Well maybe WordPress is thkng mst peopl cant type hol wrds anywyz so why bother U c so mny peepl hav no time fr thking cuz they cn twitter.

    Pander to the twitters and tweets and teenagers? But WordPress is NEVER going to compete with Twitter or Facebook in sheer banality. Why not pay respect to a much more durable niche … which is genuine bloggers?

    What is the problem with giving us the CHOICE? Why this intransigence. ( Okay … most of the “new” tweeters won’t even know the word nor how to spell it. But that’s okay. The new agenda seems to be to “dumb us down” … an agenda increasingly shared by the media.)


    Hi, rather than moan, I’d just like to know when you’re bringing back;

    * All time stats
    * Views in syndication
    * Full breakdowns of views for each post
    * Social media statistics
    * A nice full screen view for larger devices

    As I’m under the impression that improvements generally add features, rather than remove them (although, on the other hand, feature bloat etc… possibly a scaleable level of info?)



    The new stats page is hot garbage. I’ve been a user of WordPress for nine years, and over the last 4-5, for whatever reason, the people in charge of creating new layouts keep tinkering with things, like a child going wild with a cluster of legos. Why fix what’s not broken? The new stats page is clunky, slow and, like many others have stated, you have to scroll for forty-six years to look around. It’s annoying. I’m still using the classic stats page.

    Another annoying thing is that one cannot simply log out from the stats page anymore. You have to go allllllllllllllllll the way to your wp-admin, which is a pain in the rear.

    Why, WordPress, why? Why do you keep screwing with things that don’t need to be bothered with? You are like a hypochondriac that’s paranoid about a lymph node that won’t stop leaving it alone.



    I just realized a major flaw in your scrolling notifications. I believe that those who have complained they are only getting replies to their comment conversations in their email are not finding them in your 100 list.

    HERE’S WHY: The responses are remaining static. The are not perking up to the top of the line-up.

    EX: I get a response, I comment, they respond back. Their return to my response is pinned to their first, or original response. I found about 4 return responses this morning that were at the bottom of the 100. I had no idea they were there and wonder if I ever would have known once they rolled past 100.

    Those of us with heavy email loads may never know they are there. I further speculate that writers who receive 100 or more responses to their blog posts when published are going to miss out on their followers feedback.

    I also noted that when I reply to comments in the comments section on the far left menu, that the posted response does not cancel the highlighted speech bubble in the 100 line up. It remains looking like a new comment. (Hence I found the problem I referred to above).


    pixilated2, would you care to post your comment about the notification problems to this thread where a staff person is commenting?



    Today when I logged in, scrolled to the bottom and clicked on the classic link, then filled out the little form as to why (for like the 48th time), I noticed a little chat window. So, I took advantage and implored the chat person to please tell the powers that be to not screw with this any more and make it easier to find. I would suggest others may want to do this to reinforce the message. Especially if this thread gets randomly closed as they are wont to do.

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