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    thank you jaydeejapan! (:

    that’s at least something



    The forced stat page has finally succeeded in making me very unhappy. Am I qualified for a job at WordPress now?


    How to find the really old, classic Stats Page:

    The really old, classic Stats page with our own color scheme is at this link: (insert your blog’s name before in the link).

    This really old Stats Page does not have a map on it. But I prefer it and use this one daily.



    There are at least 3 threads where people are complaining about your latest idea of “improvement” (more like harassment to me) and not a word yet from your part WP.
    You destroyed our blogging experience with your new Reader and now the old Stats page…
    Does anyone of you care about us bloggers? No need to answer, it’s a rhetorical question…
    …Merry Xmas :(



    It is sad that most people coming into this are cynical because we have already been jerked around by WP staff on this and issues like it. I certainly hold no animus against any of the staff personally and if I were them, I definitely would not want to wade into this issue, since they are going to get all sorts of crud flung at them. Nonetheless, the lack of any sort of understanding, accommodation, communication or any sort of openness to admitting a mistake has engendered a lot of bitterness to us bloggers.



    Thank you very much, Jaydeejapan, for showing the other way to the old stat pages! A happy miracle to discover all the lost things so nearby. Especially: the statistic overviews of visits in al the months/years before; the mean per day; and the overview of the recent weeks, where you can clic on to see the details!!! Your solution was just around the corner. Thank you!



    @dandelionsalad — But notice that that page has changed, too. It no longer shows both visitors and views. There only is a record of views. I want to know how many people are coming to my blog, too, and the only place I’ve found that information is in the new stats page.


    I can’t understand why they messed it up again. They really want to force us.



    @holthaus53, @jaydeejapan and all
    But in that page we cannot see the countries and maps. Also the fonts are really small.
    So I guess we have to look at both pages to get all the info we need…

    Thanks wp, for making our blogging easier and more time consuming!



    What is going on at WordPress? Are they trying to sneak in these “improvements” during the holidays so fewer people notice and complain?

    Hate the new reader, hate the new stats page. I’m expecting the old editor page to be snatched away from us at any moment, too.



    Of course they’ll soon “improve” the old editor! We are too old fashioned for their taste.
    I think they removed the old stats page as a distraction tactic, to draw our attention away from the Reader update…



    @pellymade :) Divide and conquer.



    They don’t give a rip what anyone who does not like their agenda thinks. They put up a good face about taking input but what good does it do? They obstinately refuse to allow anyone who thinks their objectively deficient “improvements” have any of the old styles back. I am sure WP does not care, but I am taking my million hits and walking. The repeated tendency to fascist, top down, screw the hoi polloi has soured me to this platform. It was great, but they are actively making it worse. It makes me sad. Time to go it alone!



    Oh dear WP, you have gone and done it again. Improvement – I don’t think so. For months you have run a survey on why we prefer the old stats page. Were you not listening to the feedback ever?



    To ask the question in a different way – what is the problem with bloggers having easy access to the tables and other data? You’ve obviously got to keep it (to produce the graphs), so why are you seeking to restrict it? There’s obviously a reason (as you said two years ago that you were going to make it accessible and then haven’t), but as you haven’t communicated that, it’s not surprising that people are frustrated and angry.



    Just wanted to add that the “new” stats page we’re forced to use is causing me to kind of be demotivated to blog – I can’t easily and quickly access the data I need. Please bring it back. It was far superior, far, far. I haven’t heard of anyone who prefers the new version.



    Just an FYI:
    I found out that I can access the lifetime stats of any of my posts on my “All Posts” page. (via WP Admin/ dashboard, left menu: POSTS, dropdown: ALL POSTS)

    Stats for each post are an optional column that can be permanently enabled at the upper right of the screen under “SCREEN OPTIONS”

    Then you can click in the stats column of any post and see a breakdown (in both graph and number form) of its lifetime stats.

    One problem is getting to the dashboard anymore! The dropdown from MY SITES only contains a link to WP ADMIN (the ‘dashboard’) when I am reading my blog, like on my home page or a post, but not when I am on a “working” part of the blog like a stats page or in the editor…

    I am asking about this in another thread…something Rootjosh said implied that we will be needing to bookmark a link to our dashboards soon, that we won’t be able to access them from the upper menu. Yikes.



    New stats page stinks. Reader isn’t much better either.



    Staff will only record and perhaps act on specific feedback. So please post (1) exactly what you do not appreciate and (2) @why you do not appreciate it, or you are wasting your time and Volunteer time and Staff time by posting here at all.



    Hi everyone, we are listening and we do appreciate the feedback.

    We’re trying to track all of it and that can be a bit tricky with multiple threads, so let’s move the conversation here:

    I’ll go ahead and close this for now, but do know we’ll be reading through this still. Thanks!

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