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    I would like to add a static front page to my WordPress blog and I am aware you do this through :

    Settings > Reading > Front Page Displays

    However, this then also assigns the static front page to the HOME link in my navigation bar. Is there any way to get around this?


    Of course it does: when you set a static front page, that’s your home page. If you mean you miss a tab for your posts in that case, go to Write>Page, publish a new BLANK page titled “Posts” or whatever you like, then go to Settings>Reading and set this page as your posts page.


    Thanks for your help panaghiostosadam.

    P.S. You may thinks it’s obvious, but I haven’t been here that long and I’m still getting to grips with everything.


    Sorry if I offended – didn’t mean to. And you’re right, it’s not obvious, because of the confusing terminology: front/home/main page are actually the same thing, the page you get to via the main address of your blog.


    I’ve tried what you suggested and it has worked exactly how I wanted it to. Thanks for the advice!



    This worked perfectly, almost. The posts page, which I’ve named “Blog”, has a link at the top, which is what I want. However, there are two links to the static front page – “Front Page” and “About”. How can I get rid of the link that says “Front Page”? If it helps, the blog is

    PS: Impossible Princess, your blog is gorgeous!



    You should be able just to delete that page under Manage – Pages.


    @anastasiab: I don’t know what you’ve done in the meantime, but I don’t see “Blog” in your blog. And you can’t get rid of the “Front Page” tab: it’s the built-in home tab of your theme. Check this:


    Hi anastasiab,

    Thanks for your comment – much appreciated.

    I’ve just been checking out your site – love the theme!

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