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    Hi there,

    For some reason my standard WordPress dashboard is different than any tutorial or forum I look at.

    For instance, underneath my Home button, rather than the ‘updates’ links, my selection is ‘Comments I’ve Made’, ‘Site Stats’, ‘my blogs’, ‘blogs|follow’, and ‘Akismet Stats’.

    Moreover, when I hover over the ‘Settings’ I have completely different options as well, such as ‘fight for web neutrality’, but then ‘permalinks’ is missing….

    does anyone know why this is, and how can I change it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    I think the confusion here is because there are 2 different versions of WordPress.

    Your site is running on the managed environment of This is us, here :) What we do, is very different from running your own WordPress installation. The installation is referred to as

    This page outlines those differences:

    When looking for help, you’ll want to make sure the material is referencing the correct version of WordPress.

    Here are some great tutorials to help you along:

    All of the support documents for will be found through this page: Type what you are working on in to the search bar and it will spit out relevant materials.

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