Spam through the Like button?

  • I’ve just had someone “like” an old post, and when I look, I’m sure it’s a spammer (from the unlikely blog title and content, and the location). It’s my first spam “like”! Can I just delete it, and if so how?

    Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is: (visible only to logged in users)

  • Sorry you can not delete the avatar picture link because we don’t have access to those back end files…

    I recommend passing on the information to staff and provide as much detail as possible including the link to the article they liked and the blog url that appears to be spam… Here is their contact link →

  • Thanks for the advice – even if it’s disappointing that it seems I’m stuck with the spam on my blog. I’ve contacted staff as you suggested.

  • I am receiving spam Likes on a particular post:
    I have gor 4 likes with spam links. Akismet does not stop these. What is the way to stop this?

  • So far, I’ve been using the “report abuse” link on gravatar.

  • oh, this is a good idea. I will do it. thanks

  • @phoxis-doesn’t seem to be doing much to ban the spammers, does it? :/ Maybe you should drop Support a note, as sl1k suggests…

  • I’ve reported the problem to Support and was told “Thank you for the report; I have removed that account from our system. At this time, however, there is no way to delete a “like” from a post on your site. Our apologies for this inconvenience, as we know it’s certainly not a good thing to have a spam like attached to one of your posts. If you need anything else – or have any further questions – please let us know.”
    So basically the spammers seem to have found a way of getting their details onto our blogs, and we have no way of removing them. I’ve actually turned off the Like button, which at least stops the spam from appearing, but of course to some bloggers this is a very unattractive option.

  • @landscapelover
    Thanks for sharing this Staff response. I have disabled the “like” button on my blogs also and gave bookmarked this thread.

  • @landscapelover-Very much appreciated that you came back to share the response you received from Support, even though it is not good news. It doesn’t leave bloggers here much choice but to turn off the ‘Like” button on their blogs, unless they want us to display spam gravatars… just saying.

    I’ll keep reporting any that show up on my blogs with abuse reports on gravatar.

  • @landscapelover

    Thank you for sharing Staffs feed back I just launched my blog so I will wait and see if I start to receive spam likes If I do I will most diffidently disable the option to help keep the blog from having distasteful links…

  • A good choice i think is to include these components under the scanner : Akismet , the best out there, and like the comments, likes could be handled.

    I have reported abuse the three spam comment links which appeared in my blog.

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