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    As of today we’d like to announce a new way for users to report spam referrals.

    When you go to your stats page, in the box “Referrers” you will now be able to click on a link to report spam referrers.

    • In “Referrers”, when you hover over an entry, a little “Spam?” link will appear. This works for all but a few whitelisted referrers (such as
    • If you click on “Spam?”, the referrer link goes into your personal spam referrer block list and won’t show up in the future.
    • If you change your mind right away, you can click an “Undo” link that the initial “Spam?” link turns into.


    Further documentation can be found here:

    Please note that you can undo the action immediately after clicking on it, but it will not be possible to undo it later, after you have left your stats page. However, this is only removing referrers from showing up in your stats, not preventing people from visiting your site, so it shouldn’t have any impact on your site or your overall stats.



    For right now, the option to mark referrers as ‘spam’ is available only for users, not for those hosting their sites elsewhere and using Jetpack for site stats.

    In the future, this option may be available for Jetpack users as well.

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