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    I am having difficulty commenting on some WordPress blogs when logged in with my WordPress ID. These are not my own blogs. For example, leolandsv.com repeatedly gave me the “Sorry this comment could not be posted” error this morning. Then after giving the “Sorry this comment could not be posted” error again this afternoon, I reloaded the page and pasted in the exact same comment, and it posted. I have gone for days unable to post to some sites, then this error would go away, only to return again. I have tried clearing cookies and cache, to no avail. Reloading the page works occasionally. But there must be something I or the site owner can do to eliminate this issue. Can you advise? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is: catsherdyou.wordpress.com


    I too have had this problem as have others as I did a short blog on this recently and found this out … I did do a request of WordPress about this a few weeks ago but I guess they are busy as I haven’t had a response as to why this happens. What I do temporarily (and if I remember) is to make my comment… then before I press the ‘Comment ‘ button I ‘copy’ it … so IF i receive that message.. I simply arrow back to the blog and ‘paste’ it in…. Sometimes I forget however and have to try and remember what it is I said….


    The more recent thread was responded to by “staff”, but closed.

    This issue is still ongoing and none of the previous theories I’ve found so far apply here. Neither me nor my best blogging buddy are in Europe. We are NOT leaving our screens open so long, we’ve been logged out. We are certainly not blocking each other and both of us have this problem. It’s been going on for weeks… PC, Mac, iPad, whatever.

    This is getting beyond frustrating. No error message should be devised that doesn’t give more information.



    I’m so sorry I cannot help. I’ll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.


    Thank you – will do!



    I have reported this after running across the issue in the following thread:

    Our developers are looking into what could be causing this issue and I will let you know what happens.


    Still having this issue on all WP blogs. The above referenced thread seems to key in more on Chrome. I use Firefox on my PC and laptops, and Safari on my iPad, and have the same problem across the board. :(



    Please make sure you are logged in to the correct account and that you have third-party cookies enabled.


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