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    My stalker follower never visits my blog. How can this stalker keep following everyday? How does this stalker manage to be a follower and never visit my blog ever? Where is the link that makes this possible?

    WordPress says a person has to visit a blog to activate following. That’s not true apparently.

    Following seems to be activated other places beside my web site.




    See the topic People like posts without viewing them?, particularly the paragraph by forums legend @timethief where she said:

    Your followers and anyone with a account who is logged into can “follow” your blog, “like”, “share” and “reblog” your posts and “comment” in several locations such as the Reader, without ever clicking into your blog and creating a single page view stat. Subscribers control how frequently they receive your posts (instantly, daily, weekly) and can comment without clicking into the blog.


    Ofcourse they can do it. My point exactly. I and others just continue to remove unwanted stalkers daily.



    Above you asked,

    How can this stalker keep following everyday? How does this stalker manage to be a follower and never visit my blog ever?

    In my last post I simply answered these questions. If you meant “why” are they allowed do it, instead “how” they can do it, then I think these and your other questions are well answered by @kokkieh and @supernovia in your previous topic WordPress needs to have a block feature!

    For example, in that topic each of them explained why it’s impossible to block someone from following a site. Among the many reasons for this are the following:

    1. Each publicly displayed site is a subdomain of, which is a public site accessible to anyone. If can be followed, then any public subdomain on can be followed.
    2. If one account is blocked then they can simply switch to another account, with a different email address.
    3. They may subscribe to your site using an email address that isn’t associated with
    4. @kokkieh indicates in your previous thread that in efforts to keep updated on a site one may resort to “even following the RSS feed directly in a third-party feed reader app.” @supernovia says, “Just know too that this individual could still easily follow the site with another service (IFTTT, an RSS reader, etc.) so there’s no true way to block access to a public site.”

    As @kokkieh says in that previous topic:

    So even if we were to implement that type of blocking, at most it would give you a false sense of security while not actually blocking anyone from accessing your site at all.


    Face it, the stalking problem started long ago. It is not getting better because nothing is being done to create a new safe blog site. So, we remove the stalkers everyday.

    You can go on and on about subscribers. You just ignore the situation I am talking about really.

    We just remove the stalkers all of the time. WordPress never created a safe, stalker free site. Others have done this successfully but not WordPress.

    Again, I am here suggesting something new. That is what this forum thread is about, new ideas.


    And I continue to advocate for this new idea. I have heard over and over from these people the reasons why it cannot be done. I want to hear from positive people how it can be done. The negative mindset of a few is stopping new ideas.


    I appreciate you taking the time to interact with me. I am hoping that as a result of this time I have spent on the WordPress forums over this past year that a positive outcome is achieved. Change is always happening now. Universe Time is in full control. We have all good things to look forward to.


    And because stalking is a spiritual game, I eventually purge out all stalkers. That is the truth, even here on my blog at WordPress. I just have to patiently wait and it happens.

    Stalking is a very negative behavior that should not be tolerated on the Internet.

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