Someone has created a copy of my blog.

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    I’ve just discovered that someone has created a copy of my whole blog front page – the only difference being that they have removed my name/blog name and used their own site name instead.

    It seems as if they haven’t copied the content within my site, as if you click on their links they don’t lead anywhere. I’m not sure if their site is a wordpress blog or not as they have a custom domain.

    Ironically, this has happened after I just added a copyright notice to my blog for the first time – they have just copied it and say my work is copyright to them!!

    Is there anything I can do to report or stop this? Thanks for any help.

    The site which has copied me is

    The blog I need help with is



    PS, I just noticed they have also put a note in the sidebar giving a contact email address – so maybe they are hoping people trying to email genuine bloggers will contact them? I’d be grateful for any help on this, it’s all a bit weird.

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