Some Custom CSS background hiccups (Vigilance Theme)

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    Hi all, hope you’re well.

    First time post to the forums, but long-time user.

    I have developed a Blog to act as an extension to a main website, and I’ve basically got my blog to a reasonable standard and all is well. My CSS stylesheet might be a bit messy compared to some advanced users, but it has got me this far and I’m happy with the overall appearence of my blog.

    BUT I have been trying to add various snippets of coding that I’ve found by searching the Forums and online to add a background to my blog, but I don’t want the background to appear behind my text – instead just at the sides.

    My Blog:

    My desired background to display at sides of main body :

    I would liek to keep the main body of my blog with a white, or even an very light opaque background, but the above wallpaper to display in full at the sides of the blog. I would also like the background to be fixed with no scroll.

    is this possible at all? I genuienly have trawled a lot of forums and sub-forums.

    Any help would be appreciated and apologies if this is the wrong forum – I know, newbie :-(

    Many Thanks,


    The blog I need help with is



    If you can edit your blog’s CSS, try adding:
    body {background: url('path/to/your/image.png') no-repeat top left fixed;} #wrapper {background: #ffffff}

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