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    Supernovia, the email icon doesn’t work like the other icons do, so surely I am doing something wrong?

    No, the link Lizkarkoski sent me, I checked and i am using 2 of them , safari and google chrome so i have asked if its because I’m on a iPad the reason i cannot currently view the screenshot.


    No worries, you can see the screenshot here:

    But I checked your site and I noticed that you have added the email correctly and it works as expected.
    What this link does is open the visitor’s email client and automatically creates a message with your address in it. If I click on your email icon, it does just that. Great job! :)


    Hi fresatomica,

    Still cannot see the screenshot unfortunately i just get the message that its a unsecure site so safari cannot open it…..🤷🏻‍♀️

    Ah right, excellent, it doesn’t display my postal address does it as it does my end but that could be because I’m clicking on it myself….?

    Yes, I couldn’t resist having a go myself lol, so pleased with myself 😃 i know i have a contact form as well, but it just looks nice up there too…

    Sorry, I’m rambling now 🙄



    Hi there,

    Do you still need help with anything else?


    Only for someone to tell me if my postal address shows up when clicking on the mail icon, as it does for me, but that could be just from my end.




    Yes, it does. It launches my email program and your email address is on the To field.

    This means that it works correctly and you don’t need to make any other adjustments.


    Sorry, does my postal address in the main body section show up when you click on the email icon please?

    Ive blurred it now but does my postal address show up like in this screenshot albeit blurred.


    but that could be just from my end.

    You’re right, it is only on your end. The only thing that shows up on the other person’s end is your actual email address added to the To: field of the email.


    Am I allowed to quickly ask here, the photo of me on the header in the screenshot over the phone how do I get rid of it as Ive got the photo further down.

    Hi there,

    Sorry to butt in, but just to clarify – earlier in this thread a member of staff said that a paid upgrade would be required to remove this image with CSS.

    However, it can also be removed for free without an upgrade by removing your email address from the field in Design > Cutomize > Theme Settings > Header Gravatar.


    Hi Garysixtyeight no problem, thank you for your input.

    Right ill check that out.

    Thanks everyone for all of your help, think this has been sorted now, so proud of myself for doing this so thank you for helping me achieve this.

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