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    Many new spam comments, many on image files, are sneaking past akismet. Many more that ARE being caught, but an unusually high number of clever ‘comments’ on image files are slipping through.

    is anyone else having this problem? thanks! lisa/z

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there. This happens from time to time, especially with “clever” spam comments as you call them which are often written by humans, not computer programs. The best thing you can do is just to keep marking those comments as spam so Akismet can learn to recognise them. I’d recommend you activate comment moderation if you don’t have it already, at least for first-time commenters, and if you don’t want to receive an email each time one of them comes through you might want to temporarily de-activate email comment notifications.


    hey thanks so much for your feedback! today fifteen new ones came through for moderation, though the spam filters catch so many more on a daily basis. most are comments on image files or older posts – they are getting clever!

    the comment moderation is activated for any new name, and as long as the ‘mark as spam’ will help akismet recognize them, i’ll keep batting them into the foul zone.

    thanks again,



    You’re welcome. It might be useful to check if you haven’t recently approved a fake comment by mistake as that could have opened the door for more of them.


    that might be possible.. sometimes they are quite clever!



    I am having the same issue, but with just one old post. Every day, I get new spam as a comment on that one. I keep naming it “spam,” but new source emails keep sending that post spam. Is there any way to stop it, short of deleting the post?



    I’d suggest you disable comments for that post. In fact, many bloggers use the setting under Settings ->Discussion to automatically close comments on old posts after a certain time. The chances of a real comment on old posts are very small, and they’re practically an invitation for spammers to take chances.


    yes, there is one photo in particular that keeps getting spammed with pretend comments… i wondered if someone threw that link to the wolves, and the suggestion to disable the comments is a sound one. thank you so much for your prompt replies!



    I haven’t even considered spam comments on image attachment pages. Disabling comments there should definitely help as well. You can disable those comments by editing the image in the media library. Unfortunately we don’t have the Quick Edit and Bulk Edit options in the media library, so you’ll have to disable it for images one by one, which is a bit cumbersome.

    thank you so much for your prompt replies!

    It’s just good timing that I’m online as well when you post, and I’m glad if I can help :)

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