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    Hello, this blog, you currently host two blogs that are slandering to a great degree. My name is Ray Walker, and my company’s name is Maison Ilan. The blogs are:
    as well as this blog:

    Both of these blogs have damaged my character as well as business endeavors with statements that are personal attacks and unfounded. I request that you please do something about this.

    Ray Walker
    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Ray, is hosted by us and you can report it by following these instructions: is not hosted by us and therefore you need to contact its hosting provider Genotech.



    Is the ‘complainant’ forgetting that his company was wound up by a French court of law in Dijon – an action brought by the Direction Générale de la Répression des Fraudes?

    – Unpaid rent
    – Unpaid suppliers
    – Customers who paid for goods, but never got their goods

    It’s a sad story , though mainly for the people who met and had dealings with Ray Walker…



    There was no Fraud. If you believe that there was, you are sadly mistaken. There are documents that backup my side of the story. There are still facts that you are not privy to, Bill. You are a Racist, with an axe to grind against me. You will have no success by simply twisting things to your narrative. This is why you were too much of a coward to address a single accusation that you had regarding me and my business when you had me on the phone. You are a hack writer, without skill, with nothing but fear-mongering and racism to come to the aid of your transparent agenda.

    And Bill, where is the Fraud?



    If you wanted a real story, Bill, you would read what I wrote and contact me relating to the facts that occurred. As I mentioned, there is a story there. One that you could have been given access to. Instead, you wished only to spread an agenda against me.

    Yes, people did not receive wines. Yes, rent was unpaid to someone that you incorrectly cited as not having a business rental agreement with Maison Ilan (this is easy to provide btw), and suppliers were also hurt. But the issue was wine being ILLEGALLY locked up by someone that was attempting a Hostile Takeover of the winery, using an employee that I had. There are, of course emails that prove this as well.

    Bill, you want the real story? Go to my site, and educate yourself. Anything less and you are simply being ignorant of the truth.



    AMongst everything else, you also neglect to mention how I was damaged by Casey Cowell (the lender to Maison Ilan) as well as Zack Velcoff (an employee of Maison Ilan used as a mole, that was also paid directly by Casey to undermine the business).

    THIS is the story. But, this does not fit your agenda, so there is no word on how and why the business was destroyed. Instead, you wish to leave me in the public eye as someone that operated with malicious or deceitful intent. This is not true, and furthermore it is slanderous in nature. Quit being a coward, Bill!



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