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    I created a second site for our organization because our name changed but then decided I’d rather just update our current site. However, when I got to the page where I would delete the new site, it said that name would not be available in the future. Does that mean I can’t name my original site that name once I delete it?

    In other words, say I have a site called We changed our name to xyz so I created a new site called But since I have so much content on the old one, I decided to just rename it instead. If I delete the site, can I change the name of to

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    If you delete a website (, you will lose that name and it can’t be reused. Unfortunately, its the same result when you change the name.:(

    Deleting a site permanently removes it and you’ll never be able to re-use its address (such as

    This link offers alternatives to deleting a site you may want to explore.

    All the best!

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