Site mysteriously moved, cannot enter it.

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    Suddenly, starting last Thursday night, I cannot log in to my sites. (It was all O.K. in the morning.) Ever since, the same.
    My main site is “” but the same applies to my other sites.
    My name and password are accepted as usual, it starts to operate, then goes blank, a blank screen and nothing happens! The tag/tab is static and nothing “goes round”. It is NOT searching, I can wait forever, nothing happens.
    I can enter the forum directly (through a bookmark) and log in there, but if I press on the “my sites” tag/tab I get a blank screen and no motion in the same way. No circle goes round and round to show that it is looking. It goes completely dead.

    If I go directly to the site,
    I get the following:
    “Uh oh. Page not found.
    Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist or has been moved.”

    Who has moved my site pages and where have they been moved to?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi –

    The site is safe and sound on your account still. It hasn’t been moved anywhere.

    This sounds like an issue with your internet connection and/or browser. Please let me know the following:

    – device operating system and version number
    – browser type and version number
    – does behavior continue in different browser
    – does behavior continue from a different internet connection



    1. XP & SP3. Nothing has been changed.
    2. Opera 36. I cleared the cache. Nothing has been changed. The browser works with everything else exactly as before. Thursday morning I checked the stats only, made no changes to the site or browser. Thursday evening the trouble.
    No trouble with other links, sites etc.
    Now today suddenly it will not even let me log in which it did till today.
    I see others in the forum have had similar trouble ‘in the last three days’.
    3. I tried Firefox, it came up then jumped out, kept doing this, but eventually I managed to get it to stop jumping out and working.
    4. What is a different internet connection? I only have one as far as I know.

    Why was I told (I tried several times) that my page did not exist or was moved?
    Thank you, Liz.




    If I go directly to the site,

    That isn’t a proper URL for your site, so that shouldn’t work. I’m not sure what you had bookmarked there. Were you trying to bookmark a particular admin page?

    This is your correct site URL — are you having any trouble with it?

    And, for managing the site, if you go directly to and log in, are you seeing white pages there?



    1. I was not trying to log in, thought it was correct, you have corrected me.
    2. Yes, I see pure white pages.



    Clarifying, do you see a pure white page here?



    Initially, no. If I press on your link I get the first page of my site. There is the word `edit’ if I scroll to the bottom.
    BUT if I press on the edit' button, or on themy sites’ button, or on the `reader’ button then I do get a pure white page. Blank screen (except for the URL line at the top; this includes the left arrow, and the left arrow works to take me back to the page.).
    Hope this clarifies.



    So, I think that your problem is to access the administrative area.



    Hi there,

    I believe that your issue is caused by Opera not properly running JavaScript. Please visit the following page using Opera to see if it’s enabled or not:

    Furthermore, your operating system version (Windows XP) is no longer officially supported by Microsoft and therefore browser developers don’t release new versions of their software. This means that older browser versions are not compatible with newer web technologies and this leads to issues like the one you’re having.

    I tested Opera v.36 and Firefox v.52 on a PC running Windows XP (SP3) and I only got Firefox to properly load the interface. Are you still having issues even with Firefox?



    I did your test, it says it is enabled.
    Firefox works, but there are great problems about changing the browser.
    I have just come home from a long tiring day and want to go to bed, will explain it in the morning. Please excuse me for that.


    halilac – No worries. We will be here whenever you’re ready to share more details. No rush.



    Reply to fstat.
    I tested as you asked and it told me that javascript is enabled.

    (Windows XP) is no longer officially supported by Microsoft and therefore browser developers don’t release new versions of their software.

    Exactly. So as I made no changes to anything between last Thursday morning when all worked well and the same evening when it did not, the change cannot be due to any change in the OS or the browser.

    I tested Opera v.36 and Firefox v.52 on a PC running Windows XP (SP3) and I only got Firefox to properly load the interface. Are you still having issues even with Firefox?

    This is exactly what I get NOW, Firefox works (only see below) but opera, which has worked for the last four and a half years, suddenly does not. It worked last Thursday morning with no trouble.

    The trouble with changing browser needs explaining, sorry if it is a bit long.
    My sites are 99% text. I have specially chosen a theme with no background, Penscratch. I use English and Hebrew, the latter especially in my second and third sites, “” and “”. The theme gives me a choice of typefaces. A font is a specific typeface with a specific point size. I can adjust the size in the HTML (see below), but not the typeface, but I do not need to adjust the typeface in Opera.
    Where I have used both English and Hebrew together, either mixed or in parallel columns, I have adjusted the Hebrew size to match the English. Both typefaces are chosen from those available in the theme, a serif one for English and a classical one for Hebrew (I do not like the modern Hebrew ones, nor are they suitable for my sites).
    So far so good.

    Now the problem. A different browser changes the font! Instead of using the theme font it chooses one of the browser’s fonts!!!! Firefox changes the typeface very slightly (see below), but Chrome changes it considerably, giving both a hideously ugly Hebrew typeface and an enormous change in the Hebrew size, so that the two languages do not match. Parallel columns then look ridiculous, being short with small print in English and much longer with large print in Hebrew. In brief, Chrome messes up my site completely, but most readers use Chrome.
    To solve the problem, I have produced the Hebrew and the mixed sections in Opera as I want them, then screenshotted the sections (except links) and replaced the original with the screenshots. There is a heavy price, Google search cannot read words in the screenshots, but Chrome cannot mess up the screenshots!
    If I now change to Firefox, the originals of anything new, added or amended will look a bit different, and a screenshot from Firefox will not match the earlier screenshots from Opera. Either this will look odd and I will have to put up with it, or I will have to rebuild the entire sites from scratch, a formidable task that I shudder at the thought of.
    For this reason I would like if conceivably possible to sort out and repair opening with Opera as previously.
    Sorry about the length.



    You do understand that the fonts look that way only on your end. Anyone else visiting your site gets the fonts rendered differently based on the browser they are using.

    However, to better understand this can you please grab a couple of screenshots (one from Opera and from Firefox) depicting the font issue you’re describing? You can then upload those screenshots to your Media Library so I can view them.

    Here’s how to take a screenshot:



    Anyone else visiting your site gets the fonts rendered differently based on the browser they are using.

    This is exactly what I said in different words. A font has a specific appearance, and the browser changes the font. But this is not the issue — I merely brought it in to explain why I do not wish to change browser if possible.

    I cannot send you screenshots to compare.
    1. Those existing will be screenshots of screenshots, and in Firefox you will only see screenshots of the originals in Opera, so both will be the same.
    2. I cannot do new ones in both because I cannot get into Opera to do new ones.

    I repeat the problem here is essentially with the two sites I mentioned. The main site, almost entirely in English, I can at worst cope with using Firefox.



    I omitted: the problem is why Opera has suddenly changed and how if possible to reverse the change.



    STOP PRESS !!!!!!!

    It has suddenly come back! After a week! After checking several times a day!

    I saw that others on different threads had a similar problem. It might be worth your checking if theirs has come back too!
    Thank you for the trouble you have taken, I am sorry to have troubled you, but it was all genuine and in good faith, I did not expect it to come back after a few hours had elapsed. I thank God for a miracle!

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