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    I created the pages, but I can’t figure out how to bring them to the customizer in order to connect them all into a coherent website.



    Hi there, please share with us the address of the site you are working on. Once we know that we can take the next steps.


    I am trying to put a basic website together in a couple different builders to see which one I prefer to launch the real thing. So far this has been the most difficult one to use. :(



    Hello again, Since your site hasn’t been launched yet, can you mention what theme you are using?

    Regardless, you’ll find a more detailed guide to setting up your chosen theme in our Theme Showcase.

    You should be able to click on the Customize or Info links at the top of that page

    To add pages to your site’s navigation menu, check out this support guide:

    Let us know how that goes.


    That’s where I’ve been in an endless circle for days… None of the themes really speak to me. It isn’t really a business. I don’t need a store, or a blog, or a dozen interactive buttons and galleries. It is a simple, straight forward information stop for those interested in what our group does- which is charity service. There is no income for the group so I am not looking to be talked into expensive plans or such as there is no money to pay for them. All the money raised goes to charity- every dime. This is also a hobby group for me- I work a full time job (often with OT) aside from it so I need something easy to use. I’m thinking this just isn’t the right fit. I can’t spend weeks every time I need to update or change something trying to figure out what 20 steps it takes… not when there are plenty of other places that take 2 steps. Everything comes back to vague menus that are clearly written to assume one has the knowledge to do all of this (in which case you wouldn’t be in the help menu to begin with) and vital steps in between don’t seem to be there. Sorry that sounds cranky, but this has been a nightmare frustration for something that was supposed to be fun. I followed a set of directions that set up each individual page in the Site menu. I don’t understand why it is so complicated to just link those pages as they are and be done. Why do they need to be redone in some “theme” which is just somebody else’s website? Why am I required to copy somebody else?



    Thanks for your feedback. I’ve also flagged this thread for Staff to take note of it.

    When you say that none of the themes speak to you, can you give us some idea of what it is you are looking for? That way we can suggest certain themes.

    All themes support page navigation, but those pages have to be published first before they can be added to a menu in the Customizer.

    If you have encountered specific issues, we can help with that but please be as detailed as you possibly can.

    For a general introduction to creating a site here on WPcom,


    Hi –

    I am following up on the Modlook tag. Thanks justjennifer.

    Please share more details about the functionality you are looking for in the theme. I want to mention that the theme showcase can be sorted by features, lay out designs, and visual browsing. All of those are at make sure to scroll down and open up the entire catalogue.

    It’s best to take things one piece at a time. I suggest that we work on finding a theme that suits your project and your needs and go from there.


    Again, just basic. A little blurb about what the group is and does. A page that will list the itinerary for the next event with relevant links to locales or groups we are serving. A page with a running list of the charities that have been served. A page for posting available raffle items (picture with a description). A page with contact info- FB, Twitter, email, a message box is fine too but not necessary. The idea is putting the info in a central location accessible by all without need of an account nor to be “friends” with us- a problem we have had when celebs ask as they want to check without having to show themselves to everyone first. And something that will be easy to update and change as the events and raffles and charities come and go.


    Thank you for all the details. You can create a site like this with any of our themes actually. The themes will just give style to your site but the content is up to you and you would add it with different Blocks from our Editor.
    For example, for the page with raffle items you could use Simple Payments:

    The contact form is also highly customizable:

    As for the themes, have a look at the minimal ones:

    Bear in mind that you do not need to make them look exactly like the demo. I’d recommend you to try the themes without activating them by clicking on the three dots next to the theme’s name and choosing the option Try&Customize.

    This will allow you to see how the theme would look like with your content and how could you customize it:

    I hope this helps but let me know if you have more questions.


    So basically the setting up the pages was a useless endeavor as I have to build them in the customizer with a required theme? If that is the case, why does the page part even exist? Could have saved myself hours of work there.


    Finally got the pages to go to the customizer. The help article that initially came up on the help link lied about being able to do all of it under private. May want to make that clear to folks that they HAVE to make everything visible to the world in order to do anything.
    Now to figure out how to get rid of these stupid “like” buttons and edit icons on every page since it is NOT a blog…



    You should have been able to add those pages in the Customizer provided you published them first, as I mentioned above. It’s not possible to add drafts or unpublished Pages to a menu, however your site visibility can be Private while you do that.

    The Edit link is only visible to you when you are logged in. If your site visibility is Public, you can log out or view it in a Private browsing window and then look at your site.

    To remove the Like Button from your entire site, head to your site’s dashboard>Tools>Marketing>Sharing and uncheck the box next to “Show like button” and then click to save your changes.

    Hope that helps.


    I had published the pages… but they did not appear until I changed them from private to public.

    Thank you for help removing those obnoxious like buttons.

    Any tricks to changing the menu order? It has them alphabetical, which is not the best way for something like this. I did the reorder thing and all the save buttons but they are still sitting alphabetically.


    Hi there,

    Any tricks to changing the menu order?

    Yes, from your Dashboard, you can go to Design > Customize > Menus > Menu and drag the menu items to the order of your preference:


    I did that, but they don’t appear on the site in the order I set them. They are still alphabetical there.



    Hi there, did you click the blue button at the top of that screenshot? That screenshot says “Save Draft”, but if you haven’t changed that button’s settings, it should say “Publish” in the Customizer. Your changes will only go Live if you click Publish.


    Publish has been clicked many times since I put them in order in the first place. The list on the side to drag and drop is correct order, and is properly arranged when I move about/login and out/etc. The website itself though continues to show alphabetically.



    You have several menus created on that site, but none of them are assigned to one of the theme’s menu areas. That’s why the theme is still showing the default menu based on page titles.

    Edit the menu in the Customizer, and select the menu area where you want it to show. If you want it to replace the current default menu, you want the Desktop Horizontal Menu, and probably the Mobile Menu as well.

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