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    I am able to sign on to our account for WordPress, however, one other person whom I have given authorization to sign on to our account is not able to do so. She is signing on from her computer, I from mine. Her name is Sarah Dammen. Please respond to her at; (email redacted)



    Hi there,

    Are you saying you’re sharing access to your account? You must please never do that. If you need to give someone access to a site, they can create their own account, and then you can add their account as a user on your site.

    That said, this account does not own, and has never owned, any sites hosted on On what site are you having problems?

    If you’re instead speaking of access to a stand-alone WordPress site, please ask for advice at, as we have no control over such sites here on, and aren’t able to help with issues on those sites as they’re using a different version of the WordPress software than we’re using on

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