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    It would appear I have made a mistake in signing up.
    I wanted to try WP as a free account, to see if it works for us.
    However, I have received an invoice for Premium.
    No doubt the domain information I gave in setting up triggered the invoice.
    As I don’t know if I will even be using WP, I don’t want to pay for Premium.
    I would like to contact whoever sent the e-mail, but it appears there is no direct link.
    Can someone help me find who to contact please as it is very frustrating.
    It does not give me confidence in WP support, if I can’t even contact who sent me an invoice.
    Thank you. Mostyn

    The blog I need help with is


    When you signed up, did you complete your credit card details? There is no reason to do that if you just require a free plan. You can request a refund via Manage Purchases. See:



    Thanks for the replay. No, I didn’t enter any credit card info. I have an invoice, but it has not been paid.
    I selected Free at the start of the process, but I think it ‘suggested’ that, as I was using our current domain name, that I would need Premium. But I didn’t request Premium, it seemed to do it by default.
    I will try contacting Refunds to see how to have the invoice cancelled.
    Thank you


    Hello –

    There have not been any upgrades added to this account. You’ve not been charged from this user account for anything.


    One last thing: Are you willing to forward the invoice email to me? If so, I’ll send a separate email to your account to collect that information.

    Do not post any sensitive information here in the forum as it’s public and indexed by search engines.



    Hello Liz.
    Yes I am happy to send you the invoice e-mail.


    Great. I’ve sent a note your way and you’ll be able to reply to me directly there.



    Hello again. Sorry, but I have not seen your e-mail to me yet. Thank you. M


    Please verify that you’re looking at the email on your account listed at

    Double check any spam folders as well.



    Yes, definitely checked all options on tech@…au account.


    I’ve sent it again. If you do not see it, please contact your email provider to see if they are blocking our emails.

    It can also help to add us as a contact in the email account.



    Hi there. I have checked the server. No blockages.
    Strangely, I have received other activation of account etc e-mail from WordPress, just not yours. So WordPress know I exist.
    I have just updated my profile to my personal gmail e-mail address.
    I await the confirmation of change e-mail, then it will be active.
    See if that works


    Did you receive the confirmation email?



    Yes, all confirmed on the tech@ address, which is now my gmail address.


    Awesome! Write back if you need anything else.



    Yes, but this whole e-mail-tennis all started when I received an invoice for a free setup and I wanted to get that sorted out. I not sure we have solved that matter. Sorry.


    Can you write back to the note that I sent via email?



    No I can’t reply sorry, as I still don’t have a direct e-mail from you unfortunately. However, I checked my Manage Purchases, and I don’t seem to have an invoice listed there, which is strange. Perhaps it has sorted itself. I am not sure I will able to use WordPress anyway, as we already have a web-hosting, linked with our internet and e-mail, so don’t want to have another payment for a ‘2nd’ hosting. I am used to having local files and ftp’ing to our host. Not sure that is the way WordPress works. A bit confused at the moment. Thanks.


    Good morning –

    What you’ve described is possible with the open source WordPress installation. Check out the getting started materials over on

    That’s different from what happens here at where you can’t have ftp access.

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