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    I am using the MistyLook template and have not (yet) purchased the CSS edit package. Today I was editing some post titles to add italics to certain words. When I updated a post and checked the main page, I noticed all the text in the sidebar was also italics. How did this happen, and how can I get the sidebar text back to normal?



    It has something to do with the last post on your front page. Double check the post, to make sure theres no html errors.


    In the last post on the main page, you have a bunch of italics tags (em) at the end of the post. Open that post for edit, switch to the HTML tab in the editor, go to the bottom of the post, and remove all of the <em> and </em> tags.



    Hey, did you use the HTML validator thingy, I tried using it, and how do you tell which error is causing what? I was just curious.


    Actually with this one, I just looked through her posts to see where the italics took over, and discovered that the last post on the page had the categories/etc. at the end in italics which told me the problem was in that post. I then viewed the source, went to the bottom of that post and saw all the unused em tags.

    With the W3C validator, I look for missing ending tags for things like divs, strong, italics, etc., identify from the stuff on the validation report where it is, then search the source code for the text near the error and determine what has to be done to correct it.



    Oh, cool its actually not as complex as I thought. I guess now I’m going to go crazy validating and looking at source codes now that I learned something new. Thanks :)


    You’re welcome.



    Cool – that worked. That post was the one I just edited when it happened, I must have hit the italics tag without any text selected.



    You’re very welcome.



    thesacredpath … thanks the removal worked.



    ok, I’m still having this problem….went into one blog entry and deleted the extra html and I still have everything on the site in italics and bold



    Um, we can’t help with a MySpace site, which is what is in your user name. If you have a blog here at wordpress.COM, please provide a link and consider changing the link in your user name to it.




    @glassowater: The last paragraph in your “No Power, No Water” post has unclosed tags. Go to your html post and add this after “joy!”:
    As a general precaution against such accidents, you’d better go to Settings>Writing and activate the “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” option.


    (“html post” should read “html post editor”.)



    Thank you for all your help

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