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    a shortcode similar to [audio URL.mp3] but for mp4/ogg files not hosted on or any of the other supported services




    If the video is hosted elsewhere and if it is a Flash embed, chances are it can be embedded in a blog (doesn’t matter if they are officially supported or not!!!)

    See here for instructions:




    Thank you, the post was useful.

    I would also like to see an additional shortcode for video files that are not Flash embeds. allows MP3 files to be embedded using a shortcode:

    It would be neat if they allowed the same for videos.



    Have you seen the Gigya Shortcode? See for how to use that.

    Since can’t vouch for the safety of EVERY video out there (viruses can even be spread via JPGs) it’s unlikely they’ll do a one-size fits all shortcode for them.




    If all else fails, you can purchase software programs that allow you to copy and download the videos as mp4 videos (that you can then upload to your site if you’ve purchased the space upgrade), programs such as iShowU, iGrabIt or Snapz Pro X. I use Snapz Pro X, which is pretty good, although the quality is not nearly up to the level of quality you can get from embeddable YouTube or Vimeo videos. Dailymotion videos are also of good quality, but the problems with them is that you can’t resize their videos, as you can with YouTube and Vimeo videos.

    **Secondly, an alert to everyone who has been using Google videos. Google video is going out of business, so if you have Google videos embedded in posts on your site, pretty soon you’ll just have blank holes where those videos used to be.



    Thanks for the information, everyone.

    I was able to embed a video file the way I wanted to using Gigya and the example shortcode at the bottom of this post:

    However, it’s not a pretty workaround.

    I looked at @justjennifer‘s link, but nothing seemed to happen when I changed the media settings.

    So I’ll continue to experiment with the Gigya code and normal shortcodes to see which method is better. Thanks again!

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