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    Hello clever people. When I load a new product on my website I can share it to facebook, twitter and a few other places. Is it possible to share it to my instagram account, and if so is there any instructions (fool proof as I am a techno idiot) on how to achieve this task.



    You’re not able to share to Instagram because that platform is image only. It doesn’t accept links, and shares from a site would be a link.

    You’ll want to upload an image related to the post and talk about it there. Use your website address in your Instagram profile so that people can visit your site.



    Hi there,

    To add to what Darcie said above, Instagram does not allow sharing from third-party services at all. The only way to create an Instagram post is to share an image directly to their app using the Share tools on your mobile device, or to upload the image directly to their website.

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