Sharing a blog post with videos on it.

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    If someone shares your blog post and it has videos on it, will the ‘videos and links attached’ be shared as well as the written content without a problem?
    I am not sure if I have set our page up properly for other people to be able to share our blog posts.

    Thank you in advance,
    Tracey (

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Your site is not hosted with us on, so we don’t have any control over this. What is included when a post is shared will depend on what plugin you are using for sharing, where a post is shared – Twitter shows different info from Facebook, shows different info from a share via email, etc, and also the meta-data added by your theme or any SEO plugin you might be using.

    It looks like you have Jetpack sharing buttons enabled on your site, but the only button I see on the site is a custom “reblog” button, and all it does when I click it is to load a screen shot of the discussion settings page. Reblogs are not available on self-hosted sites using Jetpack – that is exclusively a feature.

    To learn how to set up the Jetpack sharing buttons on your site, please see

    You can contact Jetpack support here if you need any more help with that specific feature:


    Thank you so much for your reply, I will check out the links you have provided, really appreciate it,
    kind regards



    My pleasure :)

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