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    I am having trouble setting up a simple blog page that my students can post to. Can anyone walk me through it?


    Hi –

    Sure thing. We can definitely help. The students are going to need a user account in order to add comments to your posts/pages. Or, you could assign them as authors under user roles which would allow them to publish posts directly on the blog.

    Does that sound helpful?

    Make sure that you’ll be in compliance with COPPA.



    I know how to invite students to post to the blog — I just don’t know how to set up the page. Right now the page I set up is not right. It has a link at the bottom that doesn’t work and It is unclear to me if I set up the right kind of page for a blog. I am so frustrated that I’ve decided to use a different site to do this. Thanks anyway.



    @lisasewell sorry to hear that. If you still want to give it a go, can you let us know which site was intended for the class blog, and what you wanted to see there?




    I would like to set up criticalperspectivesongender so that it is simply a blog page that my students can post to every week. I tried to do that and I don’t understand what happened. Somehow there is a page that says “Class Blog” and in the left hand corner, there is a link to another page called “Course Blog.” I’m not sure what happened.

    My other sites were set up by grad students of mine who clearly knew what they were doing! For this site, I just want the blog page — like the one on the “Class Blog” page from ecopoetryandenvironmentalcriticism.

    Thank you



    No problem, I’m sure we can help get things straightened out.

    Did you want to set it up more like this one?

    I’m asking because I don’t see any student posts there yet, so I want to be sure we’re talking about the same site first.



    Yes, I would like to set it up like that. That website was for a course I taught last year and I deleted the student’s posts because I want to use it again when I teach the course again.



    Okay, so first you’ll want to publish a homepage for

    Go to My Sites ->Switch Site and select that site. Then go to Site ->Pages. I see you have three draft pages there titled Home. Select one of those, add the content you want on your front page there, and then publish the page.

    Next, go to My Site ->Design ->Customize ->Homepage settings. Select the option to have a static front page. Then set your Home page as the front page, and your Course Blog page as the posts page. And update.

    The Course Blog option you see at the bottom of the screen is a widget, and that will display on any and all posts and pages on your site. If you don’t want that, you can remove it at Customize ->Widgets. It’s the menu widget you’ll see added there.

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