Self-removal as co-admin to a WordPress site

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    A simple question:
    1. How do I remove myself as a co-admin on WordPress (was added by someone w/o discussing).
    If I login there, I can’t delete myself.
    I posted it on various other WordPress forums on FB, and looks like not anyone had an answer.
    Pls note- this is a case where one does not have cPanel access(it’d be easy that ways).
    2. After days of struggle, I actually did what someone suggested- because I had no cpanel access and my polite reminders were ignored, I created a random id, and removed myself from that site (and left the random id there).
    3. There was a genuine concern on my discussion- what if someone adds you again, and to any random site?
    But this leaves me with a big question mark.
    This is a pretty genuine and seemingly easy thing which WordPress should have some better way.
    Cc modlook


    Hi there, what is the site address that you wish to be removed from? Also, can you verify that it is this username, sariradhika, that you wish to have removed?

    If it is not, we would need you to log in under that username and make the request here so that we have verification that you own that username.



    No it’s from another email id and another username) this is my official WordPress login to keep track of my WordPress contribution and queries, separately.
    Also, please suggest a way to provide the needed information on a private marked way not public for obvious reasons.
    I am ok to have a generalised solution be posted as punky, but not specific.
    Thanks in advance 💛



    Generally speaking, you shouldn’t be added to a site until you accept the invitation. If you’ve accepted an invitation but changed your mind and would like to be removed, you should be able to remove yourself, so long as you aren’t the site owner.

    If you can’t remove yourself, there may be a bug.

    Is the site a site or is it hosted elsewhere? And is it connected to our services via Jetpack?

    Also, what is the email address of the affected account? You can type it here and our software will redact it so only staff can see it. If it’s an account with us we’ll be able to look at it for more information.



    It’s not that case obviously.
    I am not site owner, but when I log in as an admin, and try to delete myself, It says I cannot.
    Ultimately, I created a dummy email id, added that id to the wordpress site, and then delegated to it, and removed myself from the site.

    It is a wordpress site, and hence I posted here.

    The email id which I used to login ( I have removed the originally created account as mentined above), but this id still hangs in there ( I wrote atleast 3 emails and reminders to the host and their admin team to kindly remove me, but they do not listen).
    I was supposed to work on this site, but decided other-wise (which I was warned off earlier),because of the practical firsthand experience of owner’s nastiness and unusual derogatory remarks ( for lack of knowledge, or other etc – can’t go into more details on public forum, but may share on a private thread, if any) .
    The new account which I created was: (email redacted)

    Thank you.


    @sariradhika, so am I understanding correctly that you have gotten yourself removed from that site?

    If there is still a problem, post here and we can send an email to the email on your account you are logged in here with.



    Yes, Thanks @thesacredpath @supernovia – but via my mentioned method.
    My dummy email id still sits on that site.
    Where may I send details like you mentioned?
    I’d love to be clean off the site as I am not working on it.

    Strangely, Blogspot does allow people to remove themselves from the blog :)
    Do we have that kind of facility on WordPress? I never needed it, but looks like necessity is the mother of invention :)

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi @sariradhika, I’m sending an email to the email on the account you are logged in here with. Can you please provide the details and we can get you removed as a user from the site.

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