Self-Hosted Blogger Not Importing

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    Trying to Import self-hosted (GoDaddy) blog to new WordPress install which is also self-hosted on GoDaddy. Doesn’t work. I tried:

    – Import via admin console for Blogger, but it times out on the Google “Grant Access” for WordPress to access my Blogger account.

    Approach #2 tried:
    Then I created a hosted blog which if I could get the import to work there, I would export from and import into my self-hosted WordPress install.

    – Went to Import from the hosted testing blog and the Google “Grant access” worked immediately unlike scenario above. The list of blogs to import from all have zero posts, which is inaccurate.
    – I did a clear of account information and tried to import from Blogger again. Again, all blogs have 0 posts.

    Any ideas?


    If you blog is selfhosted I think you belong over at This is the free .com and we use another blogging system.

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